Friday, August 19, 2011

Fancy A Ride??

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in the back seat of a police car?

Well, I've never really thought about it, but I experienced it! And in the States!!

No No No, I did not do anything wrong or broke any law.

The story goes:

1 fine day, my colleague and I were trying to find the rental car shop which turned out to be across the highway on the opposite side! Us, being in US, with limited bus services, no taxis in sight (we were not in the big city), and early on a Sat morning, were feeling a little flustered and lost... We decided to 'hitch hike' a car to give us a ride but all the cars were turning the other direction!

So when we saw a police car from afar, we thought 'Maybe we can ask the kind officer to give us a short ride across the highway!

So we flagged him down, and told him our request. He was very kind and polite and told us to hop into the back seat! WooHoo! We were a little 'awe struck' to be in a police car! The officer was well built, macho, nothing like those slightly plump, donut eating policemen you would imagine...

So what was it like in a police car? It's called a police car for a reason! THe back seat is fucking tight! You're literally squeezed into the seat with minimal leg room to move your legs. Once you're in, you will have a hard time trying to squeeze your way out. Tough luck if you're tall or fat... And you feel kinda caged cos there's a bullet proof plastic window separating the front from the back! Also, you cannot open the door from the inside! Yes, stupid me, thought that I could let myself out when we arrived at the destination only to find that the door handle doesnt work from the inside! But that's how it should be! To prevent criminals from escaping!

So that was our 5min brush with the law enforcement unit in the States! Nice officer giving us tourists a helping hand! Of cos, he did phone in his location and what he was doing (Reporting Garden State Plaza to Hertz).

Nice experience!

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