Monday, September 26, 2011

'EE' is a valid surname!!

Surprise surprise! In my entire life of travelling, I've never had problems with my surname in any sort of bookings (be it flight, hotel or whatever). So imagine my utmost disgust and shockness when my travel agent called moments ago to tell me 'united has problem recognising your surname for flight booking. They dont recognise EE as a valid surname'.

*eyes wide, mouth agape,speechless* what the f***! An internationally known airline, catering to millions of travellers both in usa and asia and tons of other countries and they cannot accept 'EE' as a surname? What abt all the other countires where pple have even weirder surnames?! How can u discriminate against my surname!! What the f*** is so wrong abt a surname w duplicate letters?

Unbelievable! And u call urself an international carrier. What a joke!

Wow, not only can't the americans pronounce my first name, now they're finding fault w my last name! I'm really amazed that my name can bring so much trouble...

My travel agent also very funny, she called to complain and told the UA person that how can they say/do something like that, her surname is from her ancestors, how can you disregard pple's heritage!

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