Friday, September 16, 2011

Fun at Pulau Ubin

Once again, thanks to the fabulous discount deals website, we snagged a good deal for 2hr fish spa+2hr kayaking+fish feeding at Pulau Ubin for $16.80 each.

Bought 4 tickets, and rounded up the gals from HCJC - Sa, Mei Mei, Angeline and I. After much discussion, we finally decided upon a fine saturaday morning to embark on our fun!

The adventure is held at the Celestial Resort at Ubin. There were LOADS of pple there, holding the same discount deal.

As the lagoon was packed (the lagoon is bloody small), we started with the fish spa 1st! You can choose full body (no one chose that) or just let your feet into the water. Of cos, we chose feet spa.

It's my 1st time doing a fish spa and the initial feeling was - Ticklish!! Haha, the moment the fish came to nibble it was like electrical shock! But after a while, and a few deep breathes, you get used to it (at least I did).

The horror look on Sa's face when she felt the fish. She just couldn't bring herself to dip in! Of cos after a very very long time sitting there, she finally relented.

Poor Angeline, she was really feeling weirded out! Look at how horrofic she looked (hands clasped over ears).

The fish were big! I mean u would have thought they were probably small fish, but they were big, like at least 5cm long.

Did I feel like the feet was really well-cleaned out? I think so. WE kinda felt like we had smoother skin..Or is it a psychological effect?

Next up, the kayaking. 2hrs of kayaking, but looking at the size of the lagoon, I think 10mins is more than enough!

I partnered with Mei Mei (good choice Mei Mei) while Sa partnered with Angeline. It was kinda fun kayaking in circles, until the rain poured. And we made a hasty retreat back to land...

Yea, it was kinda fun meeting up with the gals, but frankly, the kayaking is disappointing.... But I would probably try fish spa again..

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