Saturday, October 29, 2011

All About Food in Chicago

Chicago, there are of course good food! As you know, I'm not a foodie but I do know how to enjoy good food! When travelling on business, I guess it perks you up a little when deciding on where to go for dinner. And if the food is good, it makes you feel better!!

So this post is all about FOOD FOOD and FOOD!

1st, some random photos of nice food (no particular place and order)

Artic Char (fish) with squash puree and spinach. Yummy

Choc souffle. I tried 10mins too late so it was a bit dry. But apparently it's good

Frontera, Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless. Great tasting Mexican @ Airport
Gino's East Deep Dish Pizza, famous in Chicago

The smallest Pan size is still wayyy too big! Vegetarian Pizza

Half of what was left and I packed them back (for no reason but to take photo)

1 slice, it's thick with filling, the base is quite thin. Nice. I'm not really a pizza fan so 'Nice' is all I can say haha

Dinner at Jap restaurant. My ginger Mojito (FYI I LOVE MOJITO!!)

Cold Spinach

Vege Dumplings. It's really nice! Skin is soft, filling is tasty

Tempura Ramen. The soup is tasty. The ramen is springy. Surprising good for Jap in US. Waitress was Jap as well

Dinner at Quartino (Italian)

Group photo! Cheers. The White wine is Delicious

My attempt at artsy shot

2 way pizza. The pizza is good (thin crust)

Eggplant Parm!! Yum! Cheesy and flavourful. Very sinful though

Pasta with peas and cheese. Not a fan of creamy sauce. This was ok only

HUGE tiramisu!! Like twice the size you will get in Singapore. I don't like Tiramisu so didnt try

Pancake with ice cream?? Not bad

Apple fritters with ice cream! Apples are crisp and hot. Nice to eat with ice cream

Jimmy enjoying his banana ice cream

The banana ice cream dessert

Jimmy really enjoying his dessert

Dao - Thai Restaurant

Mud Volcano Cocktail

My fav Somtam (Papaya salad). But this was too mild, not spicy enough

Vegetarian curry. This is good, spicy enough, got the KICK

Karyn's Cooked Food - Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian Chilli. This is really yummy. It is spicy and with the crunch o beans and flavourful!

Vegetarian meat loaf. This is too big a portion but the flavours were there! The mushroom sauce is scrumptious. The 'meatloaf' is packed with flavour, the mushrooms, tofu etc.

Choco Pie! I'm not a dessert person but I have to try some vege options. This is made with dark choco, not too sweet. I scooped off teh whipped cream though. The pie crust could be better but overall nice

Rosebud Italian Restaurant in Little Italy

Our appetizers (Salad, mussels, calamari, bruschetta). They really taste like homemade Italian food and the portions are HUMONGOUS

Lou taking the 1st dip

I plated mine. The salad is really good! That glop of thing is artichoke and it's nice! Soft, moist.

Vege Pasta (for Raj)

I ordered the white fish with spinach and the portion is HUGE! It's stuffed with crab meat and enough to feed maybe 3! But the fish is very tender, nicely seasoned and cooked just right!

Marissa ordered the chicken & it's like the WHOLE FUCKIN chicken! Portions are really big man

Too much good food, time for dieting!! Haha...

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