Friday, October 28, 2011

Chicago - Day and Night

Night time photography takes skill and time and a good tripod or flat surface so you can adjust the shutter speed and stuff.

Below are some comparison of night time vs day time scenery:

The water tower at night

Trump Building

Trump Building at night

Cloud gate (crowded during day time)

At night, it's less crowded and the lighting makes it nice to shoot

The Crown Fountain - 3 different colours and that's me in the right picture

Jay Pritzker at night (Much more beautiful than during day)

The bridge that links MP to Art Institute

At night, not much lighting along the bridge (which is kinda closed at the other end)

Buildings light up at night!

Wrigley Building

At night, it seems to be alive!!

Sights along the river at night (I look like a ghost!! Cos I moved while the camera was still running)

During day, you see better but doesn't have that 'Omph'

Think I like the effect of night time, when the lights are up and gives a different view of the surrounding. But of cos, you need a good camera and tripod!

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