Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flashback in Stills

Used to have this traditional of selecting representative photos and collating a montage for each personal travel trips I've been to, starting from 2005.  Still do and the photo count is now up to 30.  Only trips OUT OF SINGAPORE counts, so sentosa or sister island or Ubin I'm sorry.  It's not easy selecting the best photos out of a bunch of fantabulous ones and takes time and effort.

Used to, once long time ago, post an annual update of the montages for the past year on my blog.  Then I got sloppy, as I do always once in a while.  I promise I shall try to live up to the expectation and tradition.  I can't really go back too far in time now, but I'll start with 2012.  Better late than never.  There were many firsts in 2012.  Once again only personal vacation trips included, which means trips out of my weekends on business trips would not turn into my photo montage collection (that would be too much work!)

The year started with a bang which was my first ever Skication in Japan!  Whatever led me to agree to skiing?  Beats me.  Especially when you are looking and talking to an ultimate beach babe.

First Ski-perience in Japan

Then it cumulated to a FUNtastic trip across Sabah where I finally, after years of telling myself, scaled to the top of Mt Kinabalu!  All without prior training!
Where I finally conquered Mt Kinabalu

Then once again, I seek solace and fun and a reflection on my year end trip (which kinda has become a ritual for the past 5 years).  Had a fantastic time getting high and drunk on NYE.
Epic year end trip to end a tumultous year
I hope 2013 brings about a new flash of light in my life.  So far I have 2 GREAT montages.  Sitting here writing this, my mind is racing through a jumble of thoughts about what MAY lay ahead of me.  HeHeHe... It may potentially be LEGEN...wait for it...DARY! High 5! Self High 5!  Or it may just be.............

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