Saturday, May 04, 2013


Just back from yet another vacation.  3 vacations in the past 4 months, i guess you can say vacation overdose?  Goes to show I really needed to get away and refresh myself.  Yes, I really needed those vacation.  The past year has not been kind to me.  Thought it started great and promising but all things just went downhill and almost fucking killed me.  Glad I finally found the escape and those vacation really helped to calm me down and find my inner peace.  Kinda.

Now, back from a fucking awesome 2 weeks trip, of which I spent 7 days diving, looking deep into the faraway ocean line, starry starry skies, mountains and volcanoes, meeting people who breath a new splash of life into me, I feel refreshed and ready for the next challenge that awaits me.  Yes, it still is intimidating walking into a totally new environment, not knowing if the people will like you or if you will like the people, if the environment suits you and if you will gel.  But I guess, you don't know if you don't try!  Better fight for your own happiness than be trapped in a mountain of sorrow and unhappiness.
Maybe this will be my final destination in life? Maybe not really but who knows? I might go off and become a free soul, dancing with the ocean one fine day when I'm done with life! Like I always say I will do but never really did do. I just hope that the next chapter will be kind to me.  I've had enough of the shit.  I think I deserve better.
Will work on my Indonesia travel blog soon.  Stay tuned.

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