Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wakeboard Craze!

I'm in Love with Wakeboard...AGAIN!!

yES After 4 years, I have picked up wakeboarding again, and this time I'm back with a vengance - faster and better! Went with Daixing and Meei Ting (EY colleagues) in the afternoon for a 2-hour session with William, our instructor.

Yes that's me wakeboarding! It was so cool! Surfing left and right, left and right...

OOh, and I got to drive the boat for a while! Which was cool! Just like driving a car but on the water...

Everyone of us managed to stand and wakeboard for some time, of course I was on the water longest! Bravo to Ting Mei, for being able to stand up just after a few tries! I did not manage that when I first started out. Stupid daixing just kept falling on her 1st try that day, even though she's not a beginner and had been able to ride the other time. But luckily for her, she managed to regain her reputation and ride like a pro the 2nd time. Or else, she would have been a laughing stock among us!

I am so going to wakeboard again..Maybe next time I can try the jump!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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