Friday, September 29, 2006

Yes finally! After weeks of anticipation, the results of my 1st online shopping spree have arrived!! It was tough to arrange to meet my fren to collect the dresses but finally!! Ok, the bad news now -- Only 5 out of 10 dresses arrived. And out of the 5 dresses, only 2 are mine. Damn sad! The furnie thing is those dresses are not even out of stock. They were just not shipped!! Weird..But at least we will get refunded..We better get refunded. THe nicer dresses are not shipped over, so I'm rather sad now. Hmm, maybe I'll re-order those missing dresses 'cos I just cannot let go of them!

Hey gals, check out the website CCT Fashion. The dresss are pretty cool and KAWAII (aka cute). Yes they are CHEAP as well. Quality-wise, I would say, you get what you pay for. Not too bad, but pls dun expect Gucci or Prada standard ok. THe dresses cost $15-$20 each only. And they look similar to the pictures on the web. And they fit me ok..Happy.

The stupid company made mistakes so couldnt get my hands on all my i shall order again! This time, I'm back with a Vengence! I plan to order at least 3 more dresses and 2 more blouses!! Hahaha...

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