Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

Early morning, when I switched on my HP (which is dying soon), sms-es came pouring in..All wishing me Happy Birthday, trying to be the 1st to do so haha...Arhhhhh...Thanks to all my friends who remembered!!

Yes, after waiting for 1 year, the most important day of my life has once again arrived! It was this day on which I was given life, hope and the unforeseen future ahead! My Birthday!!

Well, birthdays are meant to be a happy day, a joyous day that calls for celebration! TO me, it's just another day, albeit an important day. But ultimately, it's just another day. Maybe it's the age or am I being cynical or just as time goes by, I don't feel much when it comes to my birthday. It's just another day. Yeah, maybe i'll just be a little more relaxed and less motivated to work cos it's my birthday (hey, this is a very good excuse!) but it realli doesnt make much of a difference! But of cos, the company is important as well.

Cute?? Cuddly beany bag star..Well I'm not someone who's especially estatic or a fan of cuddly dolls, toys or stuffed toys..but of cos I like this special one...It's the thought that counts and it is especially so for this particular pressie...Soft, cuddly nice to hug! Yes, n it is a very accurate representation of my state of mind (SLEEPY) most of the time. How APT!! Thanks D.

Well..the day is over..and this is when some of my friends (2 in fact) sms-ed me Happy Birthday. Apparently their reminder date was set wrongly..How hurt I least set it right if u cant remember by heart!!

Time realli flies. It was only 1 year ago when a friend sms this to me: "Happy 2x Birthday! Have a wonderful 2(x+1)th year ahead!". How just 1 day adds the extra 1 year to u. And now, it is my 2(x+1)th Birthday, and stepping into my 2(x+2) year. Getting old? Ney, i'm just nuturing more as time goes by...Like wine!

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