Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Men are Losing It??!!??!!

The men are losing it…No, not the sex drive…it’s the motivation to strive for a career.

I’m not trying to generalize the entire population of men, but there is an increasing trend of men being comfortable just securing a relaxed job and staying put in the comfort zone. Whatever happened to striking out a successful career? Becoming good at what you want to do and making it big? Surprisingly, women have it much better now than before!

We see more women striking it out BIG time, making great progress in their career, securing highly paid position and top notch jobs. Looks like the notion of equality between men and women is now more likely to happen. Well, not that it is going to be completely true because it can never be completely true. Women are expected to put family first, and this thinking is still very much inbuilt into their thinking. We see more career women out there in this big world, but eventually they are willing to give up what they have just to have a happy family and love. Well, maybe not everything, but I would think they are willing to be stay-at-home mums while watching their kids grow.

Anyway, back to the increasing number of slacker men. Yes, I have seen so much more men who are just happy being where they are. Holding jobs like basic administrative positions or accounts assistants. Sometimes, it just seems a little out of place for them when you spot them in such positions. Like one of my clients. The office is very much filled with women and it is rare to spot a few guys. And now, there seems to be an influx of guys taking up the admin positions. And to tell u the truth, there is not much career progression for these admin positions. I mean, if you come in as a manager, it would have been much better (and the pay is not very fantastic). I’m not trying to judge here, but my client and I have been discussing about this and maybe we’re just being conservative. It just feels weird to see so many guys working in admin (these jobs are usually for ladies who want a relaxed life, to take care of their families etc). And there r guys who are happy or contented with what they have and where they are that they’re not bothered to upgrade themselves or better themselves. They don mind their female counterpart of GFs to be doing much better than them. What happened to their drive??

Well equality is important but at the end of the day, who wouldn’t want their partner (husband, bfs) to be at the top of their game? To be striking out a successful career?
Well, I want that.

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