Sunday, November 05, 2006

This is Tea Chapter..Nice ambience
Trying to bring out the cultural side of ourselves, my friends and I decided to go to "Tea Chapter" to experience the art of tea tasting. Nice setting and ambience in the shop. We chose the Japanese setting, though we felt not much difference between the various settings. Clueless about tea choice, the waitress helped us decide on the tea - Oolong tea.

The tea set

And she taught us how to brew tea and the steps to take before u drink it.

1) 1st brew is not to be drank
2) Fill teapot 1/3 full of tea leaves
3) Infuse the tea leaves for at least 30s
4) 1st smell the tea before u drink it

Ok, got it. We tried to be civilised for the 1st few tries, but it got too much for us to take. Ok i admit, we're just too impatient to wait. What the heck, just drink it down. Smell the tea? Ney, not for us. But the experience was quite nice and relaxing.

Will definitely try it again..Yes trying to build up the cultural side AGAIN.

KTV session..

After exploring our quiet and peaceful side, we decided it's time to go back to our own true self! Karaoke (aka KTV)!! Sing (or should I say SHOUT) our lungs out! 5 hours of KTV - SHIOK!! Throat is a little sore now though..But it was worth it..Had a lot of fun and laughter, teasing each other for our off-key singing and pitch..Yes and cos I had not been to KTV for ages...

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