Sunday, April 15, 2007

Busy Hectic Weeks at Work...

Yes, Finally I feel the peak and i'm hating it. Ok, not as bad as some of my peers but still it sucks. That is probably why i don blog that often now cos

1) No internet connection at my client's place
2) No life = Nothing to blog about
3) Work bloody late, no mood & energy to go online by the time i'm back home

3 main reasons. My life these few weeks has been

a) Morning taxi to client's place (enroute picking up colleagues)
b) Work whole day away
c) Late night taxi back home (reaching home after 1am)
d) wash up & sleep at 2am
e) Next day morning wake up at 7am again
f) whole routine starts again

Day in day out it has been like that. Mon- Fri, and some sats & suns. How to get a life with this kinda working condition? Even if you want to, you don't have the energy to. At the end of the day, u just want to go home & sleep. Even wkends, u feel damn tired. Damn, cannot like that, must get a life! And those late nights have taken a toll on me (showing on my face, outbreak!!! I need more beetroot juice)

So finally this wkend not so tight. Met friends for dinner on sat (reunion dinner). Yes, our dear Jane (a.k.a Mrs Yong) is finally back from lazy, boring Adelaide for a short week in Singapore. She still looks the same, though she keeps complaining she's gotten fat. But it was a great reunion. We were just talking, laughing, gossiping the night away. Back to the good old days when all of us were still in EY audit dept. Now out of the 7 of us, only tingmei & me are the sole survivor in EY audit. Sad but that's reality. Now they're betting on who will stay in EY longer - Me or Tingmei. N I"m leading the pack. Damn. Good or bad? Maybe I shld stop telling pple I want to leave EY cos most of the time, the ones who keep saying will stay the longest. So I shall keep quiet and throw them a surprise bomb!

So dear ex-colleagues & friends (both in Singapore & overseas) please keep me posted of any job opportunities! Internal Audit jobs are most welcomed! Accountants? Not interested.

Another great night out today. New Asia Bar. Good thing on Sun = Not crowded! So there were plenty of seats! Went at 5pm instead and stayed for the sunset & happy hour! And no, did not get drunk & not a place to get drunk. Yes, there is a place to get drunk.

Was great meeting up with Mei Mei & Angeline. Just talking crap throughout the night. N we made a pact to go clark quay in May! Yes, we want to experience the so-called improved night life in Singapore. And what better place then to start from Clark Quay! Probably going to 'The Clinic' to get the hospitalised experience! Hahah.
Damn, tomorrow is another terrible start of the week ahead. I need sleep!!!

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