Friday, April 27, 2007

Do I look Christian?

Do I have Christianity imprinted on my forehead?

Why do alot of people assume I'm Christian? Without even asking. Just by looking at me? It's weird! Doesn't just happen once. Happened more than 3 times!

My colleagues just asked me if I'm christian cos I have the christian look. Huh? What the hell is a christian look? If you r saying I look like an angel, have the holy look, ok I accept. But I'm still not a christian. Still, don't understand. What does it mean by 'you hv a christian look'? Is there such a thing called 'christian look'? The other day, this taxi driver was driving pass City Harvest Church n he just asked me 'Do you go here on Sunday'? I gave him a blank look. Why should i? Just assume I'm christian. This is even more blatant. Not asking 'R u christian', but 'do u go to this particular church'. Already thinks I'm christian.

FYI, I'm a free thinker!! Meaning i have no allegiance to any sort of religion. I believe in myself. Self reliance. I'm not atheist ok. No offence to christian, but i prefer free-thinker. At least i have no restrictions. I can visit temples, churches, mosques, hindu temples...whatever. Personally, i prefer buddhism to christianity. For obvious reasons i shall not divulge much here. I think alot of christians r abit over the top. Not all, but alot. Esp those city harvest ones. Like cult. Ops i should stop.

Anyway, i think all gods r the same. So y discriminate? Aiy, best is just believe in urself. Life lies in your hands! U shape ur future. Miracles? Do they exist? If they do, y haven't they happen to me? Oh maybe cos i don't believe in religion? So discriminating!

Maybe i should practice my looks. How to look non-christian?

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