Sunday, April 01, 2007

FY2007 travel plan

Nice MV, great music, great guitarist!! Especially the middle part! Think is shot in France or somewhere in europe... That guy in the MV is french cos he speaks french haha (J'Taime, at least that's the french word i can make out... French sounds so sexy & romantic)

Maybe I should go France someday...I will go but dono when yet....

Talking abt travelling..Damn it..I don't know where to go this year! Diving trip is a must this year.. Don't want to waste my diving license. But my long annual trip? Actually planned to travel ard indo-chine in May-June but now got a big crazy sad news that a job has to start during that period, meaning no go for any travel plans during that period. So now what? After that period, hard to find pple to travel, haha maybe I shall do it alone again! Think I shall go london. Never been to london (too expensive and doesnt sound really great though) But well, I can do some visiting there, stay for free, and travel out of london abit..Needs some big planning which i have no time as yet. Anyway, think can only go for a long trip after july so plenty of time to plan.

Love travelling though not an avid traveller (i only travel once or twice a year, not all the time). N i love to backpack! The freedom to go as and when u want, the freedom to decide what u want to do and freedom to meet pple from all walks of life! I don't need luxury, just a normal bed for me to sleep at night. Anyway u'r out walking >80% of the time! So what's a 5 star hotel for? Some of my frens cannot stand that. They need hotels! Decent bed, decent food. Budget is a no-go for them. Well, i'm not saying i dont eat, just that i don't spend unnecessary money on food. As long as i'm fed, i don't care if it's just bread and soup.

One of my fren says that he will not stay in hostel cos he feels it's not safe. Ha. But if u'r backpacking, stayin in hostel is the way to go! U get to meet pple from different countries, share ur travel experiences and make new frens! It's actually quite fun! Staying in hotel means u'r just cooped up in the room n have few interactions with other pple. Sometimes, u need to 'torture' ursef a bit hahaha... Too much luxury and comfort at home, so rough it out when u'r outside! Maybe that's why i always lose weight when i travel. But i had fun doing that. Not torturous to me at all! Wah sounds like i'm a sadist hahaha...Not easy to find pple who can rough it out.. Most of my closer frens cannot do that.

But the worse part of backpacking is the planning stage. Need to plan out the places u want to visit, how to get there, especially if the plan is to go to several places. Transportation is not so easy to sort out in some places. But well, no pain no gain! Come to think of it, i do almost all of the planning for the backpacking trips i've been to so far - NZ (graduation trip), Chiangmai-Hanoi (that one no choice cos i was alone), Russia (Mei Mei did alot of the planning cos i had no time but i had my inputs as well), Phuket (diving trip which I planned all the way). Such accomplishment! Haha so proud of myself that I actually did all those! And also, I'm a good map reader! Who says Women can't read maps? I prove them all WRONG!

So... London this year, hopefully cambodia this year as well (if i can spare 1 week in may). Next year? Don't know... Like i mentioned before, i want to go to too many places that i don't have time! Tibet, Mongolia, China (for Olympics). I also want to go Spain!! South America!! I shall start to plan earlier for my next year's trip...HOpefully...

But well, 1st of all, I have to get through this tough April month. Feeling like a robot now. Everyday in the morning go to work, work all the way till 11-12pm, go home, reach home around 1+am, bath, tidy up, read news, go sleep close to 2am. Then the next day, wake up in the early morning and start the same routine over again. So no life rite... Don't even have the time n energy to log on the Internet to find pple to talk to & relief stress. Worse case -- I'm situated in Changi now! The worse possible scenario for someone living in the extreme west!! I should just rent a room in the east 'cos >50% of my time (in the whole year), i'm to be stationed in offices in the east!!! What luck!!

1 more mth to go. Gambatte!

Oh Happy April Fool's Day!

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