Friday, May 25, 2007

Waterspout Spotted!!

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Unusual sight in Singapore today at One Raffles Quay - Waterspout!! For those who don't noe what's waterspout (courtesy of Jeremiah), it's like a twister but in water. Around 3+pm (i think), there was suddenly a commotion and a colleague asked if i was going to take a look. I was like 'look at what', and it was a waterspout!

E'ryone in office juz rushed over to the partner's room to get a good view of the waterspout. For a moment, we all thot our lives were in danger!! Actually we were just expecting early release home hahaha.. Damn it... But it looked rather scary, quite big though...

Finally it's friday!! N tomorrow, no parents for 8 days!!!!!!!! N this wkend, home alone!! Horray!! I love being home alone. Don understand y some pple (of quite a few pple) don like. Say i crazy to love being home alone! What's so bad abt that? NOTHING!!! Everything is great home alone (ok except for the fact that i have to wash the clothes n clean up...) but the thing is no government!! No fishy eyes ard the corner, no more feeling like pairs of eyes watching over u (tho most of the time they don, but u juz have that feeling). I'm Free!!! I can do whatever i want! Wake up at watever hour i like, eat or don eat watever i like, do watever i like, lay ard wherever i like.... hmmm maybe i can try sleeping naked!!! Wahahahahah!! See, that's what i like abt being homme alone! Totally free to try out new things... Or hold a great party (lots of booze n sex hahaha NOT). But not this wkend...let me njoy being home alone for just this precious once in a lifetime moment!

Ooo... Confirm going bangkok (aka BKK) in June. Leech on wendy's hotel accomo...n do some real shopping this time! I have not realli shopped in BKK b4. 1st year training in EY was held in BKK n seriously not realli alot of shopping but quite a considerable amt (not many trophies in terms of clothes or shoes). 2nd time a 1 day stopover in BKK enroute to Hanoi, did some shopping but it was not my main aim that time. So this time, i shall term it my shopping trip! Damn, i'm going to bleed terribly.... What to buy? Clothes (beach wear hahaha, shorts, hopefully office wear, dresses), bikinis (i'm starting to become a bikini whore), shoes (hopefully can find some nice shoes), lingerie (triumph is cheap cheap cheap), bags (cheap cheap cheap). Damn like so many things, mayb i shld go with an empty bag hahahah.... Clothes can buy there (Anyone who has more shopping ideas or places, pls recommend!!)..... Wow suddenly i'm so excited abt a shopping trip...This is so NOT ME!!! Ok, once in a while muz go for shopping relax i'm still the backpacker Me. I wun change... I still like scrim n save n trips, n not shop but look ard n njoy the atmosphere. Diving trip a definitely must back to Perhentian. When? Hopefully end June? DX n MT can or not? Else no time liao hahahah....

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