Sunday, May 20, 2007

Night out at St James

18th May 2007 - Friday night 630pm. That's the start of the official (long awaited) post-peak chill out session organised by AABS 22 Social Committee! Venue is at the most happening place at the moment - St James Power Station! Free flow of beer, soft drinks & housepour!! Yeah... I don't care about beer, but as long as there'r housepours, I'm onz! But of cos, it's limited free flow i.e. 3 barrels of beer, 10 bottles of housepour throughout the night.
As usual, being the kind soul that I am, n being the number help for lcs (manager), i was called upon to be the recep for the night! Fine...No harm being the recep. Me n lcs mandled the booth from 630pm all the way till abt 8+pm before we proceeded to Gallery Bar to enjoy the party! And it was a perfect timing cos housepour started at 830pm! Yeah, let the drinking begin!

Me n Seow Seow b4 she got drunk

It was a great gathering party, the turnout was great! Chatting n gossiping through the night, saw a lot of colleagues who were forever MIA (Missing In Action) as e'ryone was out on job. Great time spent talking n gossiping about the latest news, latest happenings n what's gg on in life. Of cos great time drinking! 6 shots n 5 mix down my stomach! Shiok but i did not get high! Well well, i'm getting pretty good at drinking! Some of my colleagues were wasted after about 1 shot n 1 mix... Didnt reali get to explore St james ( there r several rooms in St james) cos some of my colleagues were drunk so had to take care of them... What a waste...Well i shall go back another day to truly explore!

Feeling not high enuff, we left St James for 2nd round! A total of 9 of us (mixture of snrs n assts) went to Club Street for more liquor! 1 bottle of Chivas, coke n green tea! Let the mixing n drinking begin! WE played some drinking games (guess the number, truth or dare which resulted in an intimate moment b/n 2 guys etc...) I had a total of 3 rather potent mix of Chivas n green tea, mixed with the previous glasses i had, n i announced 'that's it'. But this time, I was able to walk on my own (in a straight line) n I am certain I did not blubber... So much better than that time in Perhentian when i needed Sebastian to carry me n i blubbered then. But of cos still drunk this time. Went home to vomit! 1st time i i guessed i had too much.

2nd day woke up hungover n headache...But i still persevered n went to the gym for 1hr of combatting n 1hr of yoga!! To clear my mind! After which it was farewell dinner at cafe iguana for my dear fren Qinyi who is going to Vietnam for work. She'll be away for 1.5yrs in Vietnam. Ha, now i have a reason to go Ho Chi Minh! All the best to u Qinyi!

Group picture (split) at Cafe iguana. Lady beside the guy is Qinyi

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