Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Henna

Nice? Another Henna on my hand, this time much nicer design. I love this, though the colour after the scab is peeled is alot lighter (becomes brownish, so no pict taken cos not as nice). Got this for free at California Gym on Sat cos of the Mother's Day promo they were having. My lucky day! N Of cos I must try it! Leave a mark (temporary one) on my hand is a nice feeling haha...Especially for someone who is thinking of getting a tatoo soon on her body. But of cos this is not the design i'm going to get. Still waiting for Sebastian to draw more designs for me to choose instead of pinning on just that particular one design. Shall ask for opinions when i have those designs to choose from. This time, I think i'm serious. Got advice from colleague that it is alrite, only a bit more painful than ant bite (more like big ant bite) so i shall go do it! Yes, another change for me, about time. I'm going to get a tatoo, n cut my hair again! This time to a shorter length, realli short at the back, but long fringe... Sounds stylish rite...Vict Beckhams is sporting this hairstyle now so i'm just going to get it in maybe 2mths' time. Sth like this:

This is the style i'm looking for. There, u c it here 1st!

On another note, Today is a sad n heavy day for me. My best friend has just got her heart broken by her bf. N she was devastated! Really really devastated. It was really heart breaking to c her just now, all shacked, tired, worn down n crying... Her eyes were both swollen. It was really the 1st time i saw her so vulnerable n alone. A 5yr relationship is not sth that is easily forgotten or let go, but since it has come to this ending, she just has to accept the fact n move on. Cindy, be brave, u have a grp of friends n ur family to support u and help u pull thr this tough period. I'll make sure to jio u out to party next time n we'll go man-hunting :)

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