Monday, July 30, 2007

1st week gone without swimming, no contact (or direct, extreme contact) with the sun. Hmm like not much change to my skin tone. Must slap on more whitening face mask. DIY face mask (no $$ to buy SK 2) Milk + flour! Quite effective! Of cos must apply more often to get the result (it's the same with all other products). Trust me, it's effective! Coming from someone who has been tan more often than less tan, the effect is especially evident on me. So when i say it works, it reali does work! Haven been putting it on since i came back (ok only once) so must do it every night now. Too tan now... Got mistaken for a Malay! How bad can that be! Not like i wasnt mistaken b4 (thot i was thai when i was in thailand). Good excuse for me to utilise my gym pass.

Seriously, i cannot rem when i was fair (or fairer). Prob in JC or sec sch?? should be, cos i wasn't so active in sports then. Let me review the picts. Hm..tried to take more pict of me in JC but apparently that time was not the digital pict time & taking pict of physical pict is not so easy. Finally found my sec sch pict!

Then in Sec sch (prob 13-14 yrs). Wow so innocent looking rite hahaha I still am ok.

Hm like not much diff leh (ok younger's 10yrs ago, of cos i'm younger!) Still tan looking. Hmm goes to show i'm not naturally fair.

Planning my ultimate annual trip! Nowhere far far or too fancy. Just Cambodia & Vietnam. this time aiming for 3weeks! Yes, my 1st ever realli long trip!! SO excited that i totally have no mood to wrk. Already have been researching the places now! Even tho it's like 2mths away! Act 2mths is not very far away so muz start planning now! Any kind souls who have been to these places can drop me a note on places to visit, how u had planned ur trip or any other tips so i can take those into consideration when planning.

This time round, I'm not alone. Got 1 kaki! So happy!

Yes that means no more diving for me this year! Next year! Ok, i promised u i will accompany u to learn (since bang seh u this year), n I will fulfill that next year ok! Bring u to the nice island to learn!

Another thing to start doing - Write & update my CV!! Time to move on? Time to get outa audit? Probably. Can i envision myself as an audit manager? I Don THink So. So what's the pt of staying? Might as well search for other fields! Shall stop procrastinating & start writing! Yes, talking abt procrastination, I shld start doing the things i wana do! Like buy my diving mask, external harddisk drive, headphone with mic... Idiot me, kept putting these things off!

3 more weeks of compulsory confinement from the sun. I shall perservere. I shall persist! Resist the urge & temptation to swim in the afternoon (FYI i don like swimming in the evening cos cold)

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