Monday, July 09, 2007

I've deleted the previous post.. Y? Cos after re-reading it, think it's a load of crap! Haha, that's wat happens when u worked crazy hours, insufficient sleep n just wana explode n unload ur frustration. So for those who did not read tat, too bad!!! Haha.. Basically the geez is to complain abt how tiring i was last week, how crazy i worked...The worse hours in my entire audit life!

Anyway, I've cut my hair, yet again! Haha, well it's been almost 6mths since my last cut, time to trim it n get it back to shape. Er no pictures to show yet...Shall post some later in the month after my week break at the island. To give u a rough idea, basically it's just shorter! N still a bit of bob cut. This is the short hair year for me!! So nothing beyond shoulder length!

Anyway, on CPA course this week. After the stupid bloody AQR (Audit Quality Review), it really makes me re-think my future with the COmpany. Do i wana stay or leave? To leave is a greater desire, to get myself a life! Not that i don have one. Just that the nature of the work makes one feel reali pissed off n fed up alot of times. Staying late for the sake of staying late, or rushing for some unappreciative and demanding bosses.. Unfair n unjustified promotion for some... Maybe it's time to look out...

Well what do i want? Not accountant. As an auditor for 3 yrs, i've learnt that accountant is really quite boring, though it can be a v easy n simple job. But really boring n having to deal with auditors, hahaha....

Internal Auditor. I wana do that! Y? I think the job nature is quite interesting, looking into the business efficieny and ways of improving the workings of the Company. At least, not as mandane as accountant. Flexibility. N of cos, the benefit of getting to travel!! Well, I must aim for MNCs!! So that I can travel internationally!!

Another option, have been thinking of working overseas! UK!! Cos I simply love the UK culture and atmosphere. But it's not easy to get a job in UK, n only if u go through the audit route, u'll find it easier to secure a spot! Audit ahha...i wunder if i'll take tat route. But seriously, i would Love to be able to get the opportunity to work in UK. ANyone has job openings or know of any? Helpers??? If anyone know of any good job opportunities (for overseas postings or Internal Audit), please drop me a note!!!

So happy. This week on course - quite free n relax. Next week on holiday on an island - super cool!!! Then come back for a tough fight again with an IPO job. N the cycle starts... Still clueless on my annual BIG trip. How?? ANyone has a great idea??

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