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2nd Dive Trip for the Year...Possibly the Last???

Yes, getting into this diving craze now. For good (it's really fun sport!) or for worse (it's a little expensive), up to individual. But i enjoy it! Well, u have to go often to improve ur skills just like any other sport, and the more adapt u'r at it, the more u like the sport! Haha that goes without saying. This time round, it's Meei Ting's (aka Ting Mei) turn to earn her advanced open water course!! Yes, the last time round, she fell sick n missed the chance. But well, maybe it's a good thing that she had to go back the 2nd time, cos it means I get to go back again! Yes, 一次生两次熟. So this time round, it was a much more fun holiday! Cos 1st, we know the pple at the dive shop more (after the 1st time meeting, everyone is buddies now), and 2nd, the dive sites r much more familiar at least to me & makes diving much more fun & easier. 3rd, the water is so much clearer this time round! So it's not a wasted trip! Yes, in May when i went, damn waters! Visibility not very good, and lotsa jellyfish that stings! Now in July, clear water, good visibility & NO JELLYFISH!!! Makes diving alot easier & alot more fun!

N I think it is a really good break for us! 2weeks b4 the trip, bogged down by stupid AQR, worked like nobody's business so shagged! After AQR, it was our CPA course + exams, so it was back to studying after 3 years of NO STUDY. N immediately after exams, it's holiday by the beach! What better way! This is the perfect combination! Also, I stayed out of the sun for 3weeks prior to the trip, yes cos I know for sure that once i reach Perhentian, I'm going to get tan, so b4 that happens, must whiten myself abit (not alot cos that'll take ages). But behold! I was still looking tanner than ever! More on that later...

THis time round, we got smarter! Took the sleeper train which is a blessing cos we can sleep better & rest better & more comfy! Took from JB railway, & costs 50% less! Haha the power of Ringgit! Although the journey is a couple of hours longer, it's worth it! For better sleep, better rest & comfort & $$, what is 2 hours!!!

Me with my beanie star on the sleeper bunk

Ended up reaching the jetty around 10am and headed to find Shikin (the boat operator personnel for Steffan Sea Sports) who helped us save a further RM5 on the nature reserve fee or sth lidat. So by the time we reached the Island itself, it was 1030am & we headed direct to Maya Resort to book our sea view resort (with hammock yeah!!!) RM70 per night, quite worth it. FYI no air con, only fan which is good enuff! Hey, njoy the natural breeze!

As usual, 1st day no diving... It's Long Beach Hour! Playing with the water & slapping on tonnes of sunblock. Yes, this time, Ting Mei cannot fall sick!! Sebastian (aka Best) will kill me if she does!

Diving's Like Sez, If u enjoy sex, u'l like diving! Keke interesting board. My fav line is the last

We met alot of japanese divers this time round. 2 Jap dive instructors (Nori & Miki) & 3 Jap divers! Wow, the place is practically swamped with Japs! Ohayo! & Japs r reali interesting to watch! They are so animated when they talk & their tones r always on the high & they can really talk non-stop! Seriously! We are always amazed at how much they can talk!

Day 2 starts the diving course for Ting Mei! 1st dive in 9months, of cos she was scared & abit bumpy. I did not go cos i wanted to sleep more hahaha! By the time i woke up, they had left, so i went for a power swim in the sea! Shiok! Another dive for her in the afternoon - Navigation, which so did not interest me, so no dive again for me! N i went for another power swim in the afternoon! Ended up with several cuts on my legs cos it was low tide, with corals sticking out.

Me trying my hand (unsuccessful) at fire ball

At night, it was time to play with the fire ball (without fire). Er, I'm not good at it hahah but Ting Mei is rather talented! She managed to grasp the technique within 1 night, although still nds fine-tuning. Obviously Best was good at it, but the champion has to be Miki (Jap Dive instructor).

Day 3 starts my 1st dive! Yeah! Went wreck diving. I must say, after 2months of no diving, a little scared hahaha... But i think overall it went ok. At least I equalise faster now. Good dive! Visibility was so much bter compared to last time! Don't mind going again cos u always see different things! Was supposed to go for a 2nd dive, but Ting Mei was tired (well can't blame her, she needs to adjust) so no afternoon dive, but prep for night dive! Always scared for night dive, cos u only have a small ray of light to guide u. But this time round, i think the experience not bad! Saw cuttlefish hunting! And when we got up, the sky was BEAUTIFUL with lots of STARS!! Oh man! U don c that in Singapore! So romantic!!! But very cold! hahah..

That night, we started playing with cameras. B&W, colour, like we've nvr used our cameras b4. Yes, n we took like tonnes of pictures (i've nvr taken so many picts when i travel!!) & somemore act cute ones! Omigod! Imagine me doing that! Haha..that's the effect of island holiday. U just release all ur inhibitions & go crazy! Nvr, once in a while u must go crazy & psycho a little! Yes, i m psychotic when i'm with close frens, u can go ask all my group of frens how crazy i can b! I may look aloof, but deep down inside, if u know me, I'm a different person. Some act cute pictures!!!

Best & Me (Victory sign)

Us & Nori (Jap dive instructor)

Tingmei & me, act cute

Look closely, my skin colour is almost the same tone as Best!! It goes to show how dark I have become!! This is Bad Bad Bad. I though i could be 'fair' next to him, but no, not anymore!

Oh and do u noe, our dear Best is actually a professional gundam maker! (Ok, i not sure how do u call these pple gundam maker? sounds weird but whatever, u get what i mean) Yes, he's very talented in this! He's preparing for the competition this year in Nov & i tell u, his concept is GREAT!! Last yr he was 1st runner-up for M'sia, this year, aim for 1st prize! Then fly to HK to compete with pple from other countries! Yes, we support u ok! When u get famous, don't forget about us!

Me & Best hard at work, & my creation!!!

Next day, while waiting for dives, i tried my hand at making gundam. Yes, the one i bought from Thailand for Best. Hmm I must say, i'm quite talented! Best says wana get me to be his helper! Apprentice kekeke... At night, we had drinking session! Yes, I brought a bottle of Martini to the island & we shared among ourselves. Nope, not enuff to get drank or high keke just social chatting session. & alot of crappy topics being shared among us (with the Japanese) some being XX-rated hahahah! Shall not share here, anyone interested to know, drop me a msg n i'll tell u!

Oh this time round, i finally got my wish to try on the cute Oakley glasses from Best! Yes, i'm crazy over those cos they really look very cute! Look below for the pictures. That night, we took alot of crazy pictures (more pictures at my online photo album which i shall post the link later on..)

Me with the glasses

Best & Me wearing each other's specs (he trying to pose too much)

And yes, this time i finally got to go Long Beach for dinner! Best finally fulfilled his promise, if not, have to hit him with the broomstick & scold him... Dinner was a nice affair at Palm Beach (nice ambience, new music) but no jamming session. Cos Ricky was not around (pple off to genting for fun). Nvm, will have a next time (maybe next yr, maybe in oct who knows). Anyway this time like not so in the mood for cheonging. Maybe cos Angie not ard hahah she's the little chilli padi!

Me striking a pose in the water of Big Island

The next day, we went Big Island to jalan jalan (look see, look see). Hmm if we though small island was quiet, we were wrong! Big Island is even more quiet!! Like not much activity going on. You see mainly families lying on the beach, reading, suntanning, basically doing nth much. Yup, big island is more for families while small island is more for younger pple, couples or backpackers. Ha maybe it's lucky that Steffan Sea Sports moved to small island. At night, it was yet another chatting session (yes we talked abt anything & everything of all colours hahah) Again, too much details to write here, so anyone wana know, drop me a note & i'll consider telling u. Dear old Steffan starting to 'preach' us abt the joys of diving, what entails in diving, what we want in diving & what he has realised in his life of diving. It's like 'wow suddenly so serious topic' cos we were initially talking abt funny things, dirty things, then suddenly 'boom' brought back down to earth & everyone was like sitting there quietly, faces all very serious listening to him. Hahha, he kept asking me if wana join him for shelling (collect shells) & wana dive with me to see my diving skills. Wah, make me nervous leh. Big boss woh... My fren says maybe he sees the potential in me hahahahah..... But i think i still just want to stick to diving as a sport, going underwater to see the underwater world, look at fishes, discovering fishes from under the corals or rocks.

And on the last day (after 1 dive in the morning) it was time to say 'Adios' to Perhentian & back to reality & work. So sad. After holiday (esp a beach hol & so much fun) it's reali quite hard to get back to the routine life. Met quite a few new & interesting pple there.. FYI, Steffan SEa Sports is a family-run business so almost everyone is related to each other! THis time round, I saw sea turtle (yes finally) & whipray! So happy! Of cos bamboo sharks (don't worry, small ones) & lots of puffer fish (they'r big!!) & cuttlefish! Big moray eels, box fish & porcupine fish! Yeah, i enjoyed alot this time round.

The after-effects? Damn I'm like so damn tan now! Yes, i look at myself in the mirror & like wow who's that? Damn dark now!! N pple r starting to mistake me for Malay! Yes, my 2nd day at work, i was greeted by Melayu from coffeeshop aunties. Thanks leh, but Saya tak boleh Melayu (I don't know Malay)!! Ok not even sure if it's spelt correctly. Die, Now i must bleach myself for at least 1 month (FYI, i will not get fair in just 1 mth, but at least not so tan) Actually, I've nvr seen myself fair! Hm maybe in JC?? Hahah, I'm just aiming to reduce my tan alittle to my normal bronze colour. Ok, must stay outa the sun, must say "bye" to my fav swimming in the afternoon (i don't like to swim in the evenings cos very cold). So now, stick to gym. In 1mth's time, I must shed at least 1 tone of darkness!!!!!

Anyone interested in going Perhentian to learn diving can just drop me a note & i can help to recommend & arrange. Haha got commission for me??

Now planning my next trip, maybe Cambodia??? Interested parties???

Photos at Perhentian Dive Trip 2

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