Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The End of the Beginning

Oh so poetic so cliche....hahahha But it's true!

10122007, the day when it all ended. The end of late late nights, the end of sufferings, the end of crazy standards, the end of stupid managers..But it also spells the end of close peers (though only a pathetic few are left), end of comfort (well in audit, u can just sit and wait to be promoted every year), end of taking ridiculously long leave (like 1month). But all in the name of good! Ah so holy hahah.. I'm leaving for a better world (i believe it to be true), leaving for a better life (more standard working hours), leaving for a new, totally different environment where survival of the fittest is the most apt description. Commercial world is different from audit. In audit, we are alittle sheltered. There is no competition to fight to the top. Promotion is almost guaranteed every year for everyone. U don't get fired ever! Maybe it's time to move on, to test out ur own market value & survival instinct!

Am I excited? I get asked by alot of pple. Truth be told -- I'm actually at peace. I don't feel overtly excited or nervous. I'm just -- calm. When it comes, it comes! I'm not jumping with joy or fidgeting with excitement. I'm just calm. It's just another job. I'm not expecting much cos the more u expect, the greater the disappointment. So i'm just trying to keep a clear open mind. Go in with a clean slate, better able to absorb and observe.

I'm actually more excited about my lasik surgery (next mon n tue) Finally i will get clear vision without lenses or glasses. U can nvr imagine how great the feeling is to be able to wake up in the morning, open ur eyes in bed n be able to see the surroundings clearly! Any chauffeurs available on 17th n 18th late afternoon?? Xiaomianyang, u said u could make it.. can come drive me home??

Countdown begins once again.. 10 more days to the start of a new employment...

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