Saturday, December 08, 2007

Birthday @ Fish & Co

Belated birthday dinner with some of my closest friends.

Location chosen: Fish & Co @ Glass house.
Nice ambience and really crowded with youngsters, teenagers and of cos adults!
Seems like e'ryone loves to go there for birthday celebration! Birthday song was replaying itself every 5mins!
Starving diners we were, orders were made within 5mins. But dear god! The wait for food was agonising! So we took the time to test out the camera and did some Kodak moments!

Say Cheese everyone!
Me N Cindy

My food, fish,chips n veges

The time came for the star of the day - My birthday cake! N it was carried out by the Fish & Co staff. Yes, i guess it's the Fish & Co tradition to do a birthday song for the birthday star. So being the star of the day, I was made to stand on a chair (although I am tall enuff), put on a hat (which i bet was worn by tons of pple) and sparkle on hand! Then it started.

"Everybody, we have a birthday girl in the house"!! Shouted the staff and everyone was made aware. Ok this is rather embarassing..I just stood smiling & laughing and they started the Fish & Co birthday rap & song. It was very LOUD. Oh well, all in the name of fun! I'm a fun girl as well!!

Me with the hat n sparkle

Us with the cake!

Yum Yum Nutella cake!!

The rest of the night was really fun with us just gossiping, poking nose into alvin loke's private life and dreaming of Seowling's wedding next Sept. Yes, long time away but damn we're so excited abt it! 1st of our close frens getting married, of cos we're excited!

The last of my birthday celebration..N back to working crazy hours the following week...

But, doesnt matter, the end is near, the light is clear! Monday is my last day. The day I say goodbye to 3.5yrs of late nights, sad life, no life....The day I prepare to embark on a new journey, new life, new job! More time on hand, hope to discover more new things!

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