Sunday, December 23, 2007

A New Beginning!!

A New Beginning has finally BEGUN!!

1st, I've got lasik done, finally after 12 years, I can finally see the world clearly, without the help of glasses or lens. What a wonderful world! The feeling is so shiok!

Of cos it doesnt come cheap at $3K+ but it was all worth it. No more hassle, no more spending on lens (which can be bad for eyes n dangerous if contaminated), no more glasses which is inconvenient when it comes to sports. I LOVE the feeling. Money well spent. Well, the only inconvenient thing is the after care. For 1-2weeks after, cannot do alot of things like gym, washing eyes etc. So I must tolerate!!!

Of cos, a new job beginning! Started work on 21st (Friday). Office was damn empty cos e'ryone was on holiday. Good too, cos it just means an easy start to pick up things. So far so good, nth much to do n colleagues seem reali nice. I'm the most junior so i'm the baby of the team hahahah....1st assignment for 2008 will be a biz trip to KL in mid jan for 1 wk. Then after tat will be china, thailand, australia and possibly a Global Audit Meeting in Stockholm.

So far everything seems smooth, just hope it all goes well. A little scared abt the new job cos it's reali sth new & looking at their past reports, seems like alot of findings & a little amazed at their ability to pick those up. Hope I can learn quickly n contribute as much as I can!

Finally got a desk of my own (abt the size of the EY manager's table), own wireless phone. Can start decorating my desk! Of cos it comes with cabinet & cupboard. & a new pantry with food (containers of biscuits & a posh coffee maker).

Well, Xmas is around the corner, and 2008 is fast approaching. So wish everyone a GREAT XMAS and a fruitful, fulfilling new year 2008!! Hoping for a fun xmas & new year party soon...

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