Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Gotham Penthouse Night Out

The long awaited girls' night out to the much known Gotham Penthouse! Gotham Penthouse, well-known and famous for its fun, sexy n maybe kinky dance performances at night, that's bordering on alittle strip-teasing (but not to the last strand). 4 pretty, sexy ladies on their 1st night out! Well, it's sth to be excited about!

The ticket to entry!

A brief history, it was part of an NUS alumni event, courtesy of Cindy, the 4 of us said 'Yes' quite immediately! N so begun the countdown to the date 4th July (coincidentally US national day).

Finally the friday came n we all gathered at Danlin's house to wash up & doll up! Hehe, well party night of cos must doll ourselves up (not too extreme though). N off we went for makan then Gotham!

Us gals by the Poster of Gotham!

We arrived close to 10pm n entered the much awaited clubhouse, anticipating more fun, music & party. However, much to our dismay, the atmosphere inside seemed alittle quiet & peaceful for a club!!!! E'ryone was quietly drinking at their own corner, no one on the dance floor, no mingling ard of any sort. N there wasnt even a crowd to start with!! Sparsely populated for such a well-known night club!! Must have been due to this NUS alumni night event that caused the dip in atmosphere n party.

We came juz in time for the 1st dance performance by the Odyssey. In the past, it used to be all male dancers, now they changed to be 3 males n 3 females. Well, it was only an opening performance so it was nothing too HOT or raunchy, slightly disappointing cos we were expecting MORE. Well, it's Gotham Penthouse for god's sake! All over the papers for its raunchy dance routines & hot bods! Somemore, the female dancers were rather FAT & not fit.. a GREAT disappointment! Imagine watching a professional performance with jiggling bods eeks...

Dancers at work..Look at the fat one on the right

The performance ended quite soon, think it was only like 15mins, n it was back to sad, quiet drinking. Even the performers were disappointed with the lack of responsed that they had to request for some applause n cheers!!
Anyway, we stayed there for 1hr more, talking abt raunchy subjects then left. We were too bored to wait for the 2nd performance, which i think would have started ard 1230am. That was like another 1hr+ wait in the quiet n boring place so we just left. Point to note though, they started allowing entrance to outsiders after 11pm, which sorta brightened up the atmosphere alittle with pple on the dance floor n the place becoming more like a clubhouse. So we concluded, it was cos of the NUS Alumni Night thingy that drenched the whole place! So moral of the story -- Can still visit, but on normal nights, n preferably after 12am for more raunchy performances.
The night ended ard 1230am at coffee club where we juz sipped coffee and talked. And not to mention the fiesca we had in search of Danlin's car!!! Who knew M3 meant somewhere between level 3 and 4! We searched thr' levels 3,4,5,6,7 but cldnt find her car and panicked until i saw M3 and clicked in my mind that 'hey, I think it's M3'! Well who could blame us! I mean M3 sounds more like somewhere below level 1 n in our minds, we rem we went from up to down and NOT vice versa...Anyway, we spent almost 30mins trying to find our car before we ended the night, happy but tired...
p/s: I just got a letter from IRAS cos i forgot to pay my taxes n its overdued!! Haha been busy travelling the whole of June that I totally forgot i've got taxes to pay! Anyway, I've been granted pardon for the moment so fine will not be imposed if I pay them by next week. N i'm so going to be a law abiding citizen now!

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