Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I STill Got It In Me

I've staged a comeback! Finally! After almost 8months of 'No Baking' period, I have made my very 1st step back into the once comfortable zone of BAKING! Yes, my once mastery baking skill is ALL COMING BACK TO ME!!

Like I announced, I STILL GOT IT IN ME!! Loads of it in fact! Decided to bake my famous, world-renowned, tasted and reviewed and acknowledged Chocolate Chip Cookies! To those who have had the HONOUR of tasting them during the past Christmases, you know what I mean. Yes, I'm selective in baking and distributing. I don't bake just for the sake of baking (cos I normally don't eat what I bake). I like to give instead of consume. So if I don't eat, I don't bake! N i just don't bake for nothing. I usually bake for occassions so that I can distribute the fruits of my labour! So out goes cakes n bread (unless it's a birthday or gathering). Usually do cookies, muffins (not so much as well) or cream puffs!

ANyway, back to my COMEBACK master piece. Yes the famous cookies! FYI, I made only half the recipe n it took a total of 3.5hours! From preparation to baking to packing. Yes, 3.5hrs for only half the recipe and in total about 1.4KG of cookies. Yes IT IS HARD WORK!! So don't just make me bake them for nothing! I don't entertain those unless u pay me for them! N by 3.5hrs, I Mean 3.5hrs of NON-STOP baking (no resting, no time for even toilet breaks). It was just start n go all the way, with 2 OVENS (yes 2 ovens, imagine if I had only 1 oven, it would take so much longer), n loads of trays going in and out. It was HECTIC for sure, but i like it! I always find baking therapeutic. Haha, yes tat's my way of relaxing myself. It's fun to bake n even better when u see the perfect outcome. N the pride when pple taste ur bakes and shower u with praises! So SHIOK!!

Yes, I'm all beaming now, cos once again, without fail, the cookies have HIT THE POPULARITY ROOF! My colleagues are eating non-stop and were convinced at one point that I bought them from Famous Amos (yes it is THAT GOOD). My PT is also eating non-stop, never mind that he is on a diet and those cookies are sure to put a dent in the plan. I'm sure I have much more supporters out there who can attest to this fact - MY COOKIES ARE GREAT!! Hahah nope i'm not going to be humble about it. Yes, my forever fervent supporter of the cookies, a Mr Tan, has even requested for additional container, which I had already declined cos i'm not baking additional.

Well, 8months of rest is nothing when u have the talent (which i have). So what, when u've got it, u've got it! Ha! People, I'm Back in the Baking Arena! Suddenly, I'm filled with baking desire! Who knows, maybe i'll start baking more often just to test my skills! But of cos, I bake what I want! Chocolate Chip cookies again? Not till at least Xmas, however, if u PAY ME, i MAY consider.....

So morale of the story (besides paying me to bake cookies for u), be nice to me.....It Pays to be nice...

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