Sunday, November 30, 2008

15 Facebook Don'Ts

Read this from 8-days (8-days every week...) Interesting, furnie & Oh So True!! Let's have a test, go through each of the 15 items and see if You are guilty of them!! I'll go 1st :)

1. Do Not Write Anything On Anyone's Facebook Wall That Can Land Them In Hot Soup
Eh ney I don't do tat, I'm more direct, I call them or msn them immediately hahahha - NOT GUILTY

2. Do Not Be A Facebook Whore
Further explanation: Adding people you barely remember from 10-20yrs ago or assorted strangers just to make you SEEM popular...
Nope NOT GUILTY!!! Eh I think most of the time, pple want to add me instead of the other way round.. Haha I'm just too lz to recall my past friends, except for close ones & impt friends.. So all those in my list, you know who u r & How IMPORTANT YOU R!!!

3. Do Not Assume That People Want a Play-by-play Of Your Tedious Little LIfe
Hmm I'm not so extreme, update mayb a few days once WHEN impt things happen tat NEEDS updating... - NOT GUILTY

4. Do Not Be Passive-Aggressive
Nope, TAKE IT UP WITH THE PERSON PERSONALLY if you have issues with them. DO NOT wring sympathy by commenting your feelings on FB. IT IS SO UNCOOL - NOT GUILTY

5. Do Not Tag Your Friends in Photos In Which They Look Drunk, Fat or Are Missing Articles of Clothing
I'll KILL anyone who does tat to me... - NOT GUILTY

6. Do Not Post Photos That Are More Than 10 Years Old
Eh GUILTY WITHOUT APPEAL!!!!! Sorrie folks, I posted by Sec Sch & JC Class photos. But then again, they were CLASS PHOTOS, means small photo of Everyone, & no identification of ANYONE!! Well If tat helps abit...hehehehe..& I WILL NOT acknowledge any requests of identifying who's who in the photos! - GUILTY AS CHARGED

7. Do Not Wait Two Days Before Accepting A Friend Request Just Because You Don't Want TO Appear Parked On Facebook 24/7
Eh Nope, If I don't accept you whn I log in to view, means I'm NOT GOING to accept you FOREVER!!!!! - NOT GUILTY

8. Do Not Use Facebook for Work Related Matters
Tht's just plain stupid. Dono if u guys have read the FB case whr an employee added the boss & got busted haha tat's damn furnie man... - NOT GUILTY

9. Do Not Start a Facebook Group Claiming That you Can Save An Amazonian Tribe From Urbanisation If You Get 1,000,000 Members
Well, I guess those people R Damn bored with live to create such a group. Don't be stupid to believe such groups - NOT GUILTY

10. Do Not Inundate Your Friends With Invitations to Play Texas Hold'Em Poker, Vampire Wars etc
Tat was NEVER MY purpose of joining FB. So i NEVER ONCE accepted anyone's offer to play games. Too distracting & TOo much trouble. Yes I'm DAO. But I think the fever has died down abit, or maybe pple juz got fed up with TRYING to invite me - NOT GUILTY

11. Do Not Update Your Profile Photo Every Three Hours
Let me recall, I only had 2 photos since the 1st day i joined FB. The most recent one was a photo taken 6mths back & used till since.. No intention of changing until I get a bter one... - NOT GUILTY

12. Do Not Have a Protracted Wall-to-Wall Conversation With Your Friend
I May be guilty of this for only once!! Was talking to a friend on a possible meet up sometime next year. It MAY seem alittle too long a conversation on Wall-to-Wall. I accept my mistake. Next Time I shall Use Message Box! - PARTIALLY GUILTY

13. Do Not Engage in FDA (Facebook Displays of Affection) With Your Beau
I CANNOT STAND PDA (Public Displays of Affection). So FDA is a NO-NO to me. So far, i think have yet to see any extreme cases in my friends' list..Heng AR!!! - NOT GUILTY

14. Do Not Break Up By Chancing Your Relationship Status to 'Single'
Seriously, those pple who do this, ought to be PUNISHED!!! N U thot Sms breakup was terrible, THIS IS WORSE!!!!! Don't be a coward. Face the music in PERSON!! - NOT GUILTY

15. Do Not Complain If People Do Any or All of the Above
Oops, I guess I'm Guilty?? Since I'm complaining abt these in the blog? Oh wait, I'm just commenting, NOT complaining hahhaha... - SO NOT GUILTY HAHAH

So Let's Tally the score!

1.5/15 (There's 1 partially guilty) Hmmm, I"m NOT a FB PEST!!! hahaha So how did u guys do??

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