Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday TO ME!!!

The day of the year has finally arrived...Once again...

Happy Birthday to Me!! Another year has passed, wiser by one more year, smarter by one more year, and pretty as always :)

Birthday wish(es):

1) Quote from ABBA - "MONEY MONEY MONEY"
2) WORLD PEACE!! This is serious! What with the stupid BKK protestors, Mumbai bombing n such, now don u feel Miss Universe is such a meaningful competition??
3) HOLIDAY!! Yes I desperately need one. have not taken a holiday for the whole year! N my dream holiday is dependent on the situation in BKK damn it!
4) Good Health. Yes cliche but IMPORTANT ALWAYS!!!!!
5) Eh, soulmate?? Hahah every year the same wish, but still lidat... But still must keep on wishing la hahaha

15 more mins b4 my bday ends... Enjoy everyone!

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