Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Curious Curse of Benjamin Button

Watched this epic movie last night in my hotel room. Gosh, I LOVE IT! Not brad Pitt but the movie. FYI, this movie is abt a man who was born old, and gradually grew younger (appearance wise) as he aged. Eventually, he ended up as a baby (natural progression is it’s reverse growth) but theoretically he was an old man. This is a story of his life, his encounters, his LOVE of his life.

Beneath the magical, out of the world idea of a baby being born old and grows younger as he age, lies a beautiful love story, about love found, love lost & love re-kindled only to let go for a better tomorrow. As Benjamin puts it ‘Nothing lasts’. It’s true in a way. We all die in the end, and what we have now will not last us past our ultimate death. Love, as almighty and sacred as it is, will end with the passing of the loved ones. But we must make the most out of the limited time we have, no matter what. Better than to have loved and lost, than not at all.

Watching Benjamin & Daisy toil over the years, from young kids to teenagers to young adults & finally together at the later stages of their lives, when finally they meet at the right junction in age & appearance. The right time to love & hold. You ponder – Is there the ultimate Love of your life? Benjamin & Daisy have loved each other since young, but circumstances forbid them to be together. And they remained in love with each other over the years, even when they had other pple in their lives through the course. And the passion & lust & love in their eyes when finally they met, after so many years!

Daisy: Sleep with me
Benjamin: Absolutely

Magical! That just abt describes the feelings they have for each other!
Ask yourself, will u wait half your life for this one person? Do you believe in THE ONE? We all want to find our soul mate, our love, but if you were to be under such bizarre circumstance, what would you do? I'm not sure I’m strong enough to handle this.

She knew it would not last, it can nvr and will not last. Benjamin will grow younger until he’s not fit to take care of the pple ard him. But they still stuck to each other, & had a baby girl. That’s when he realized, this cannot last, this cannot make sense. He chose to leave, & Daisy watched him leave. Sometimes, to love is to learn to let go. He chose to let go because he knew that was what he had to do, to give Daisy the best. He loved her & didn't want to watch her suffer.

How would you feel if you cannot grow old together with your loved ones? Would you want to watch your loved ones grow old & eventually die while you do not? I don’t.
p/s: Cate Blanchett was SPECTACULAR & SPLENDID!!! She should have a nomination!

Watched the movie ‘Yes Man’ recently (in fact yesterday night). Similar points from both movie – Take the chance! Don’t regret, just do it! Sometimes, life is about taking risks & doing the things u really want to do & not say ‘NO’. Of cos, selective circumstances render ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, but morale of the story is, JUST DO IT (Nike slogan). A lot of times, we don’t live our lives to the fullest it can go just because we are concerned about a lot of minor things or because we just don’t bother to. Like Benjamin, he went to live his life & got what he wanted. Like Carl, after he learnt to say ‘Yes’, he felt relieved & excited about what future holds, & of cos found his true love! Maybe it’s time for all of us to stop & think about what we want in our lives, what we want to achieve.

I’m guilty of saying ‘No’ a couple of times, just cos I was too lazy to get out of the house, just cos I felt comfy & safe just staying at home, watching my videos & anime, living my normal routine everyday. Maybe it’s time to change the routine. Maybe a change will bring good to me. Maybe like Carl, I may find someone along the way….

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