Saturday, February 28, 2009

Would you PAY to watch the UNKNOWN??


Ok let me explain this topic. Recently, in UK, they have this mysterious or rather surprise screening of movies. Which just means, pple Q-up and buy tickets to the cinema to watch a movie which they have absolutely NO IDEA what it will be. So which means when u buy the ticket, u'r actually buying to watch an unknown movie!! It could be a movie from 20years ago, or a movie so obscure you had no idea such a movie existed in the 1st place or it could just be anything! Apparently, in UK, the movies were chosen from a list on the website and results only revealed when the curtains are drawn, lights are darkened and film starts to roll!!

Apparently, such a SURPRISE screening is also into SIngapore! Recently i was browsing GV website to search for another movie obviously. And chanced upon this 'Surprise Movie'. At 1st i thot it was the title of a movie. But turned out, it was literally a surprise movie. Nothing is known about what movie it is. You just have to pay for the ticket & turn up to find out! And it's a movie NEVER shown b4 ever! So u can rest assure that u will not be paying to watch sth u watched b4.

However, here comes the question. Y pay to watch the unknown? I mean u totally have no idea what u will be watching!! What if it's a damn boring, full of dialogue movie? Or a draggy love story too hard to digest? Or a slasher film so gross that u would walk out immediately?? Y pay to make urself suffer in the event tt the above come true? It would be a waste of $$. Watching movie shld be enjoyable. Y pay for sth u hv no idea & what if it turns out to be sth u would NEVER pay to watch, not even DVD at home.

I know some pple will say life is full of surprises!! Come on, take the challenge MAYBE it'll be good. But I would rather stay safe than be sorry. IMAGINE they showing B&W movie (kill me 1st). Not even Titanic can lure me in! Hahhaa. LOTR is in a different league but i already have the complete DVD.

Well pple out there, go ahead and try GV's surprise movie screening & let me know the results! I'm too SCARED to try & waste my $$ hahahahahah... Shall go watch 'Watchmen' Next sat!! Yippie! My 1st movie in 2009!!

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