Friday, April 03, 2009

Nothing interesting to post, can't train my brain to think of interesting topics to write about, so that's why haven't been blogging for quite a while...actually only abt 2wks so still not that bad.

Hmm let's see, i was in Brissy for 1wk, followed immediately by 2wks in Shanghai (once again). Back to back shiok ah! Brissy was nice but weather was not kind to me. Gloomy rainy when i was there, but sunny & bright when i was about to leave. Stupid! I WILL go back to Brissy again for a full on holiday!!! Shanghai nothing interesting cos it's my like 3rd or 4th time there. Don't even feel like walking ard (most plcs been there done that) just wana laze in hotel & do nth, except for maybe going to the gym. Will b heading to Shanghai more often in the coming months, big restructuring project to do there, haiyo going to be Shanghainess soon hhahah! The hotel employees even recognise me now! When i walk into the breakfast area, my usual drink (water with lemon) will be served haha now is that good or bad?

Finally finished 'Darker than Black' japanese anime! Wonderful anime highly recommended! Hei (Li-kun) is charming & cute at the same time! It's abt a world with contractors (being the bad n sometimes good pple), they are contracted (hence contractors) to perform certain tasks, n in return they have their own remuneration once they fulfill the tasks. The remuneration can be puzzling & stupid (having to take a cigarette, sniffing perfume, growing old, growing young, or eating aLOT). But nice & interesting anime! Not as dark as 'X' but equally nice!

Now i'm back to following fervantly YouTube vidz cos my fav reality shows are back! America's Next Top Model, Make me a Supermodel, Project Runway Canada etc... Wah need to spend ALOT of time watching vidz again! Arghghgh, I still have to start watching my 'How I mEt Your Mother' DvD seasons 1-3! Wah so many things to watch, so little time!!!!!

Finished reading the book 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' recommended by my boss by Swedish author Stieg Larsson. Nice book, interesting plot & quite catching. Will be borrowing book 2 from my colleague, & have to wait till SEpt 09 for book 3.

Ooo confirmed my Sipidan trip! Yea going in May! Shiok ah! I miss the sun, beach & water!!! Bring it on!

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