Friday, February 03, 2012

127 Hours

Just watched 127 Hours while cooped up in my hotel room in Washington. Yes, I'm years behind, but at least I finally watched it! With all the hype and accolades, I have to watch it! How as the movie? I thought it was good. No ups and downs, and pretty plain jane, it's more of a 'silent killer' movie. You don't expect much from this movie, yet you're impressed by what happened.

It's based on a true story of an Aron Ralston, who went on a trip to Utah Canyonlands National Park, ALONE. And got trapped by a fallen rock, which crushed and sandwiched his arm. 127 hours is the total time he was trapped, before he finally decided to cut himself loose. Along the way, he did a lot of reflection on his life and people around him.

Well, I watched it while having my dinner, and the most gross part where he broke his own arm, and cut through the flesh with a blunt knife happened after I've finished my dinner. And boy, was it a WRONG choice! Note to others: Do not watch that part after a meal. It could have been my jet lag and tiredness that made me nauseous, but I didn't feel that great.

Watching that movie reminds me of myself. He went on the trip without telling anyone, and he regreted it dearly. I do that quite often too! Alot of times, when I travel on my own, I don't tell anyone my itinerary in details. Just a brief 'Oh I'm going to Thailand, south thailand during this period', and off I'm gone. And I don't exactly report back my location to my family periodically. Same goes when I'm overseas on business trip. Touchwood, but nothing has happened to me so far. Though watching that movie made me think twice. You know, I like to do some adventurous things when I travel (like hike up mountains, trails, explore unchartered territory, snorkelling in open sea alone etc etc), and a lot of times, I do those alone without anyone's knowledge. So you know, if anything happens, no one would know! Like when I was alone in Khao Sok National Park in the late afternoon, and almost got myself lost on returning. Those were the times when I thought in my mind 'Shit, no one knows I'm here'. What happens if I slipped and fall suddenly? Then again, I'm not the sort who reports every little details, lo and behold, someone will try to stop me from doing some things!

But the movie made me wana go UTAH!! That place is amazing! Just the kinda place I would love to explore. Especially that part where he took the 2 girls crawling in a tight space and slide way down into a pool of crystal clear blue water! AMAZING! I would love to do that!

Glad I finally watched that movie. It really takes a lot of resolve to break your own arm and cut through your skin and flesh and tendons etc. So make sure you bring a good swiss army knife so that at least when you cut through something, it's 1 clean strike. And he didn't give up after that! He continues to be active, climbing and scaling mountains and doing sports and everything! That's the positive attitude to take in life!

What would I do in similar situations? *Shivers* Touchwood, *Pui Pui* I never want to be in such situations.

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