Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day of Fun and Adrenaline Rush at Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore. Been there since forever, but never been even though I'm a Singaporean. Well, hey you've gotta wait for all the rides to be in existence right? So I was waiting for transformer to be ready and going!

So one fine day, a canadian whom I met in Thailand, popped by my little country and with other backpackers he met @ the hostel, we decided "Why not go to USS instead of the planned Ubin trip"? I'm up for it!
FYI, you get 15% off if you're a Maybank credit card holder. I'm not, so I paid the full price.

We started around 11-nish. And since we paid the price, we have to do almost everything! So we started from the left, where all the kiddy rides are!

1st was Madagascar rides, real kiddy, a slow boat ride through the jungle, and some splash of water! Good respite from the heat outside. But it's just a kiddy ride.

We did a small rollar coaster ride, that was pretty decent but really too short!!!!! Like 2mins and woops you're back at square 1. Wait, i don't think it was even 2 mins! Maybe 30seconds!

Then we ventured into the far far away land....
Where we met Puss in Boots...
And of course Princess Fiona and Shrek!

Then we thought 'Enough of the kiddy rides!!' We decided Jurassic Park should be a good one. At least I really enjoyed the one in LA, that was great ride!

Turns out.. It sucks! We were told 'There's going to be a drop and water and you're going to be soaked'. Right, built up our excitement about the drop! But it was just a really really small drop after a long, slow, boring ride down the river...Was it worth the 25min wait? Not really if you're pressed for time! And yes, you will be soaked but worth spending $3 for the raincoat? Nope! Oh, and if you really wana try the ride but not wait 25mins? Go for the single rider line. You immediately hop onto the boat since no one Qs there!

We went for the canopy ride too, thinking it's just a stroll in the park. But hey! It's actually pretty fun cos it zooms at high speed through the turns and you feel that you're flying! But it was too short for it's own good.

So enough was enough. Kiddy rides are passe and we have to go for the real deal!!!

Transformer 4D!!!!! And it was AWESOME!! Funny though cos there was NO LINE!!! We went and immediately (or rather like 3mins walk through the empty Q) we were in the car and ready to save the world! And saved the world we did for 3 TIMES!! Really awesome!!!!

Then it was time for photo taking with whatever characters we get! And we spotted Kungfu Panda! HiYa! I'm Kungfu Dian Shan!

Also Betty Boob was there, in her all red glory and funky hair! And squeaky voice.

I'm so in it with Betty Boob

We didnt catch Marilyn but we passed by the famous air hole... And decided to channel the Marilyn within us...

Josh trying to channel Marilyn but I think he got the genre wrong. It's sensual not downright erotic!!!

This is the correct impersonation. Just imagine the white dress on

Then, it was Battlestar Galactica! We had been eyeing that since the minute we stepped in and finally the time has come!

There are 2 rides - RED (the easier one where you aren't danging in the air) and the BLUE (the more exciting one where you'll be fling upside down, dangling.

We went on the BLUE twice! It was pretty awesome, and feels so fun dangling in the air with your legs swinging above and through nothingness...RED was pretty decent ride, but BLUE is still the better one. And the amazing thing? NO QUEUE!! Man, what's wrong with people? Q-ing up for kiddy ride but no one wants to go on Battlestar?
Then of course, the MUMMY ride! That was the best ride I ever had in LA Universal Studios and I was so thrilled to be going there! And once again, No Queue! This is really weird.

They did not break into so much as a smile or anything when Josh was trying to flex his muscles...

But I was disappointed! It was not as exciting as the one in LA. The speed was not fast enough. There were more turns, but in LA, it was more sudden and fast! Like when it stopped at the door, it pulls back real fast that you get sucked in and it felt so good! I went on the ride 4 times in LA. But here? It's good, but with comparison, it pales...

And by that time, it was time to say good bye to USS. Our last stop was to watch the breakdance boys in their glory! And our Nancy got called to perform a short number!

It was pretty fun in USS with the lot! We did a lot of photo bombing (you know, putting yourself behind the scene of someone else's photos). Hilarious! Krieg was the master and I'm not too bad at that too! We just spent too much time doing the kiddy rides man... Hahaha... But yea, USS is a little small, you go round pretty easily. If you skip the kiddy rides, you probably will be done in half a day! Food is expensive inside, so step out of USS for any kinda food you want. There's a Malaysian food street, 7-11 and breadtalk out there!

We went for a couple of shows, like the Donkey night club which was pretty fun. It's donkey (from shrek) singing a few songs and us dancing a little with him. Simple and quite alight. We went in not knowing what the heck to expect but lured in with the 'it's starting soon, only in 5 mins'. Missed the waterworld show entirely. Went for Monster Rock, which is like Rocky Horror, but with Monsters singing and dancing. Pretty good! Also went for the special effects showcase. Missed the Madagascar show. Well come to think of it, if we were to go for all the shows, it would be packed! So priortize! Skip the kiddy rides, go for the shows and the thrillers!

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