Monday, February 06, 2012

Hello 2012, Goodbye 2011

Finally 2012 has arrived. This is supposed to be the last year of Earth, according to Mayan predictions. True or Not?Believe or Not? Up to individual I guess.

1 month has passed in 2012, yet to reflect upon my resolutions made in 2011 and hopes for 2012. Been rather busy in Jan 2012, travelling, back for a few days and traveling again. Finally have the time to rest and think it through..

What was made in 2011:

1 - Knee is feeling MUCH better the entire 2011. Been training real hard, working my quads, hamstring, calf etc etc to really strengthen my leg muscles.

2 - Finally I'm going to scale Mt K this year!! End March is the date, and we're going to do it in 1 day! Saves the RM400 per night accomodation at base camp. Going to be tough, but I'm going to make sure I complete it!

3 - Finally able to really play tennis after being out of action almost the entire 2010. And I feel like I'm getting better, though still not quite there. Think I need to change my racket, it's making me hit weird..

4 - I've been reading even more in 2011. Done the Wheel of Time series till the last book available, and literally borrowing every single book available to read on my commute to work! And I bought a Kindle in 2012!! Means, no more waiting for books to be available in library, bringing those thick books to and fro work..

Proud of myself. I've pretty much achieved lots in 2011 :) 2011 had also been an important year for me, and a fun year too! A year of great travels and great fun - Fantastic trip to Miri in May, paradise vacation in Palawan in June, hikes and camping in Kota Tinggi and Sister Island with a group of really funny people, a fantastic Xmas and NYE vacation in South Thailand. Met loads of really great people and friends along the way and opened my eyes to alot of new experiences and happenings.

Also, I quit my job in May 2011, finally ending some sad, unhappy months of work in my old job with several unhappy incidences. Yup, the overseas assignment negotiation fell through, but look at it from the bright side - it may have been a blessing in disguise! If I had gone to US, I wouldn't have gone to Paradise Palawan, I wouldn't have met those funny and hilarious friends, I probably would have neglected my tennis. Well though I might have gone to Peru (Macchu Pichu). I guess everything happens for a reason, and it's all fated to happen whatever way it turned out to be!

With the new job, I've been to US 3 times in 2011, great shopping trips!! Bought loads of great deals online and at outlets. But it has been real tiring travelling >20 hours and having to endure the day and night time difference.

2012, a new beginning?!?!

What will 2012 bring for me? Went to Japan for skiing during CNY - a 1st for me! Enjoyed it but it was tough. Will I try it again? No idea.. Heading to Dubai for work in Feb, another 1st, and looking quite forward to it! I'm so going to Burj Khalifa! Sabah trip in Mar/April, another adventure I'm so looking forward to.. Then?? No idea! Hopefully another great year end trip to bring in the new year. Oh, and I have just made a 6-pack challenge (6 pack referring to abs) which I know for shizzle I'm not going to win anyways, but I've watched too much of Barney to be influenced by his "Challenge Accepted" anytime and anywhere...Who says the world is ending on 20 Dec 2012?!?!

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Love the main pic, wish I had the view from the other side.