Sunday, October 01, 2006

First time blader..First time lucky

Yes, after much waiting and hesitation, I took my first step towards becoming a professional blader..or at least amateur one.

Went ECP (east coast park) with fren to learn bladding..Unfortch, the weather wasn't very kind to us. It rained cats and dogs just before we arrived, as such, the floor was rather slippery and watery. But at least it wasn't raining when we blade.

Started off at the beginner's area, slippery surface, so I slipped and fell the very first time I tried to stand up and walk. Yes, that's beginner for u..Common for all beginners. 1st try was HARD. Had to remember to keep slidding forward and not slide back, as we would normally do when we walk. It's a habit. As such, I kept slidding back and not forward. Had to keep reminding myself to lift up and slide forward. Tough act to follow but eventually I managed, sort of.

After about 1 hour, I managed to at least blade without the help of the poles, but unsteadily. At least an achievement. And yes, I fell on my bum several times. The moral of the lesson, to always keep ur body forward and not lean back, else u'll fall on ur bum!

Thanks to Daixing (yes i have to give her credit), I managed to blade on my own, albeit really short distance. But my pose was a little ugly..hunched forward with my hands outstretch, not pro-looking enough. And wobbly. And I tried blading on the roads, results weren't exactly fantastic, but admirable. Yes, of course fell down time and again, hurting my poor bum, but at least i sorta managed to blade a little.

Haiz, blading is not easy. Have to practice more often to be more confident.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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