Thursday, June 07, 2007

Attack of the Sequels!!!

This is the year of the Attack of the Sequels!! Yes, all the Hollywood blockbusters are sequels!!!

Spidey 3, Pirates of the Carribean (part 3), Shrek 3, Ocean's 13, Fantastic 4 (2nd movie), Harry Potter (5th movie), and what have u lined up... Well well, are they running out of ideas for new movies? But then again, if it ain't broken, don mend it rite?

Talking about sequels, notice how many 3rd installments there are! N I have watched all but one! Spidey3, pirates and Shrek 3... I have watched them all...N truth is, 3rd installment doesnt quite live up to expectation.

Spidey 3 - A little too draggy on the emotional parts, the relationships... Too little time on the action. Too many villians n too little time on them. Overall, too slow (it's abt 2.5hrs long i think) and the action only comes in at the very last part which was like rather short. Not my fav (think part 2 is still the best).

Pirates of the Carribean: At world's end - 2.5hrs long movie! Front part too slow and draggy. Introducing new characters, trying to build up the story. We need more Captain jack sparrow, will turner & elizabeth! They are the main attractions! Bu too little focus on them and too late. Only till the middle did the movie pick up steam on the action & adventure. Oh Will turner (aka Orlando Bloom) is just so damn dashing n handsome!! Overall, it is still so much better than Spidey 3. At least the action & the effects are just so cool!! But the thing I don't believe is that Eliz is willing to wait 10yrs for her hubby (Will) for just 1 day of reunion. Phew, is that possible? I mean, isn't that like the same as being a widow? N how many 10yrs can u wait! We're talking 10yrs here, not 10days, 10 weeks or 10mths! Is their love for each other so damn strong to withstand the 10yrs of agonising waiting, longing & lust? In reality, I reali don think it's possible. Somemore, they don't have internet of handphone to keep in contact...

Moving on

Shrek 3 - Well what to say... It's just an animation. It is realli damn funny though, but i think the supporting casts outshone shrek! Yes, it shld not been called Shrek anymore but Shrek N Friends ( more emphasis on Friends) cos the supportings are just too damn furnie & interesting! Like Pinochio (just love the way he managed to talk his way through, hiding the fact that he knows where Shrek is but still not lying cos he can't), Gingerbread man (how he juz phased out when threatened, hence avoiding being asked by Prince Charming), Puss (Oh he is just so cute with his innocent eyes), Donkey(irritated by his incessant talkings but furnie)... Shrek? Who cares?! Of cos, as un-Disney as it is, it is still a Happily Ever after ending... with 3 Ogre babies!! Brainless movie, good for de-stressing and getting things off my mind..

So what's next? Maybe I shld watch Ocean's 13 to complete my list of trilogy watched. But then again, I don't like any of the actors in the movie. George Clooney - Y do pple find him so sexy? Argh he's old n ugly! Brad Pitt - Ar... No comments, don reali like him anyway. Matt Damon - Not good looking but the least hateful of the lot. The rest - No recollection at all! Haha.. It's just a heist movie. Can't even rem Ocean's 12 plot. Fantastic 4, not a fan.. What movie to watch? Harry Potter? Maybe lo, just to complete the series, not a fan as well.. Think out of the 4 movies, at least 2 i watched it on DVD (pirated somemore) keke...

Haha, maybe i shld just stick to my YOutube videos! Yes, I'm now offically a YouTube Whore!! Hooked desperately on YouTube, watching all my Next Top Models series - American, Canada, Britain, Germany, Australia, U name it I watch it. Oh man, YouTube is just such a wonderful invention!!! I can just spend my whole day watching non-stop! Now following Canada's NTM.. Finishing up Germany's NTM soon... Yes, I'm a video whore.. I still have my animes to catch up.. I need more free time!!

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