Monday, June 25, 2007

1 week rendevous getaway to Bangkok and KL - Part 2

Back from Bangkok, 1 day rest, followed by KL trip. Short family getaway decided on a very last min. Without unpacking much, we set off on Fri morning to KL.

Our hotel room with my marked territory (see my beanie star?)

Family photo at Monorail

After a near 6hrs bus ride, we arrived at our Hotel in KL. Hotel was just alrite (after the experience of Sheraton, u just can't compare). After unpacking and marking my territory with my beanie star, we headed off to Petaling Street (a.k.a. Chinatown). Yes, more food to come. Drank the famous Luo Han Guo, ate the famous Koon Kee Wantan Noodle, sampled the Ah Po Mua Chee, and walked off the food before heading for claypot rice with side dishes of spicy stingray, sotong and veges.
Petaling Street (a.k.a. Chinatown)

Eye on Malaysia

After a stomach bursting dinner, we headed off to Eye On Malaysia (Ferris Wheel ride). For RM15 each, we were treated to a 12min ride, 4 rounds of turn to view the KL night. Now I understand y this Ferris wheel ride is not mentioned on the "Must See", and even M'sians Have not been there. The experience, nth fantastic. Too short and small, u can only see as far as the Twin Towers, and the wheel just turned too fast ard. After the 2nd round, i wished i was out.

Q-Bar at Westin Hotel

Me and Angie

After the ride, I met my fren Angie for supper and an impromptu visit to Q-Bar in Westin. Quite a cool bar! Latin band playing and dancing. We couldnt dance as we were severly improperly dressed. T-shirt and jeans for Angie, and sleeveless t-shirt, skirt and slippers for me. Well, next time then! Next stop was Indian food where we sampled cheese naan. Nice! The night ended at 3am for me. Tired!!

Twin Tower
Me trying to lift up Twin Tower

Next morning, off to Bukit Bintang for some shopping and just jalan jalan (walk around) Nothing for me to shop as I just returned from Bangkok. Weather was damn hot!! Visited the Twin Tower and took some souvenir shots. Then off to the cinema for me to watch Ocean's 13, while the rest went separate ways. This is my 2nd movie in the week. Yes, I went to watch movie in Bangkok as well (Fantastic Four) and had to stand up for the national anthemn.
Group photo at the Dinner
Night time was dinner with the relatives at a chinese restaurant and visiting my 3rd uncle. Another late night and off to sleep for an early morning Dim SUm session the next day b4 our bus leaves for SG.
Photo with 3rd uncle, His son & wife

Dim Sum at 1030am with 3rd uncle, his son and his son's wife. Then it's off to the bus terminal for our 1pm bus. There we saw Dunkin Donuts AGAIN! Talking abt dunkin donuts, how to spot a Singaporean? Easy! When u c someone buying BOXES of dunkin donuts, that person is Singaporean. Yes, craze over donuts. This is true in Bangkok as well!

Mr Bean's bear!!

My dear sis got so very sick during the trip back home that she vomitted during the ride to the terminal and again after our dinner back in SG. I had to lend her my dear beanie star during the bus ride. Luckily she did not vomit on it. Oh we saw Mr Bean's Bear! So damn cute.

It was a LONG, ardous trip back home, reaching SG at ard 830pm. That's the end of the short KL trip. Total damage in KL, probably about RM40 (my own expenditure, excluding the bus ticket and hotels and 1st night dinner). Well I did not meant to spend in KL.

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