Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Girls Gotta Doll Up ThemSelves!!!

Yes, taking that advice in our minds, we signed up for the makeup course by Ettusia (don't know if i spelt it correct, doesn't matter). N boy do we need it!!

Of course, there were saMPLES for e'ryone in the class, and hands-on practice to doll yourself up with instructions and demonstration from the experts!

3 of us were like 'babies' to makeup, didnt know how to apply eyeliner, or how to best apply eye shadow. Luckily our instructor was patient and thought us the way to do it.

Preparation steps b4 makeup were horrendous! wash up, slap on moisturiser, essence, n god knows what's like at least 1hr of preparation b4 u put on the makeup!!

Then comes the eye makeup. 1st, eye concealer, then highlighting the eye area, then eye shadow 1st layer, then another layer...Then eye liner, then eye brows, then mascara, then blar blar...damn tedious steps! N tat's just the eye area! Well, pple always say eye area is the most impt area, which I agree...

Then blusher, then lips..oh my god so damn tedious! In the end, walau! 3 pretty ladies transformed!!

Ok we had to don this stupid head band which made us look really terrible (like a chambermaid) N no pictures taken of that (thank god!!)

But at least we learnt the art of makeup! Maybe we shld do it more often...But we are lazy!! Hahahhahaha

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