Thursday, November 29, 2007

It Happens Once In A Year

I'm a quarter century old! A precious dear person (u know who u r) sent me a birthday email, telling me that... I really appreciate it..SOunds really old...HOw sad..Ok but it's true! Can't deny, just that the mention of 'century' makes it sound a little terrible. At the end of the day, it is just another day (just that it is the day u were brought to earth)

Had lunch with Mr Alvin and Tingmei (thanks alv for the treat). Then went down to DFS (yes, birthday doesnt mean u don't have to work). Surprise surprise! I got a surprise celebration from my team members! Led me to the pantry & presented me with a super big chocolate banana cake from Secret REcipe (this is their famous cake). HOw sweet. Got a card from all members as well...Sweet..Made me happier...

Make a wish,make a wish

Time to cut the HUGE cake!!

Altogether smile!

Then my good clients wished me happy birthday (they wanted to buy cake, but luckily they didn't else I would have loads of cake) & treated me to champagne! Moet & Chandon champagne! Nice! Drank the whole 200ml bottle & felt abit tipsy ahhaha.. Thanks everyone!!!

THis is the bottle I drank..Nice though

As usual, peak period have to work even though it was my birthday. But I had to get back home b4 midnight (for another round of cake cutting) so left at slightly after 11pm, managed to just make it b4 12midnight! N that's the story of my birthday! Nothing special (i don't really celebrate) & cldnt do it with frens (cos i had to work). Friends, ur turn this saturaday! Let's Havok & have fun! Haha... but if u were expecting major big parties or celebration then u'r wrong.. It doesn't happen in my world..hmmm but if it did, i seriously DO NOT mind (hint hint....) Surprise me!!!!!
Update: 9 more days to my last day with EY...So Happy!!!

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