Sunday, November 18, 2007

What the heck! People say if u don't get sick easily, once u do, u'll have it HARD & TERRIBLE!! It has happened to me... Been coughing since I got back from SF, actually started coughing when i was in SF (the last few days) but it wasn't anything serious until i got back...

2weeks since & no improvement! Visited the doctor twice, but still... Damn disrupted my sleep (have not been able to sleep well since, always waking up in the middle of the night to coughing) Damn i hate this, bter get well this week, I don wana waste another wkend (heck i miss gym!)

On another note, been to 1 counselling session with my counsellor..well the usual, ask u why leave, wat's wrong, y unhappy in EY, consider to stay blar blar... watever, i'm done with EY. I don want this kinda life anymore, I don wana face another FRS or late late nites... New company seems good, at least better benefits (tho the pay increment is not incredible but good enuff). I get to travel for work & the boss seems nice! Biz class for long flights cool! Looking forward to starting my new job!

Countdown begins! Let me see, last day should be 12 Dec, about 25 days from now... Hahah I told cinderella man I'm not good at keeping up with too long a countdown. 25 days is too long for me, i very much prefer to start at 10 days hahaha...Soon Soon Soon....
Can't wait Yatta!!!!

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