Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Zoe Tay was just next to me for at least 5-10mins but I only noticed and caught a glimpse of her leaving for 5-10secs...

I'm so Bloody Blur!!

When did my neighbour hang the birdcage along the corridor? Just yesterday night or days ago? Never did realise it until it was pointed out to me yesterday night...

I'm so Bloody Blur!!

Things are ever changing every hour, minute even seconds. We either react n be responsive to it or choose to be ignorant. Alot of times, we are ignorant. Maybe it's time for us to pay more attention to our surroundings, be aware of every happening and be proactive rather than passive. So often, it becomes too late when we realise what is happening just when we'r about to lose something. Time to cherish those around us, things around us before all is too late... Love the ones u love, care for the ones u care.. What with tough times ahead, uncertain future and crazy happenings... YOu never know what will happen next... Live life to the fullest, no regrets seem to be the way to go...

Mumbai terrorist attack has been stopped. Albeit the terrible consequences (Deep condolescences to the dead Singaporean lawyer and all the other innocent victims)

PAD protestors finally dispersed, BKK situation seems to be heading for the better HOPEFULLY


Maybe 2008 will end MERRILY... There is still HOPE

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