Thursday, December 18, 2008

麦哈北派 (mai hiam bei pai)

Do you know there's a Shanghai Road and Kay Poh Road in Singapore? Does it mean people stayin in Kay Poh Road will be Kay Poh or have to be? Does it mean Houses along SHanghai Road are influenced by the SHanghainess culture??
I have been edificed on the locations of Singapore road!! I should continue to understand my country!
Btw, the Christmas lighting along Orchard Road doesnt seem that bad!! Why are pple complaining? I have not witnessed the lightings last year, so i have no benchmark but judging by what I briefly glimpsed of this year's lightings, I think it is a good enough job!! Come on pple, stop complaining and start feeling the atmosphere! Does it mean brighter and more lights will bring abt a more Christmassy feel? Or should the atmosphere come from within? We don't need superficial ornaments to tell us how and what to feel! Don't be so shallow (quote from my colleague)

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