Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Many (HANDSOME) Faces of Fernando Verdasco!!

Name: Fernando Verdasco Carmona
Country: Spain
Birthdate: November 15 1983
Birthplace: Madrid, Spain
Residence: Madrid, Spain
Height: 1.87 m (6'2")
Weight: 81 kg (179 lbs)
Plays: left-handed
Turned pro: 2001

God he's HOT HOT HOT!!! Yes, the newest discovery of Australian Open 2009 - Fernando Verdasco! Well, he's not exactly new, just that he exploded during the AO 09, shining ever so brightly alongside the great ones (Federer is still THE BEST). Yes, of all the disappointments & major upsets experienced in the AO 2009 (I do not want to delve on it, cos i'm totally disappointed & devastated by then end result), we have introduced to the world of tennis the 'New' kid on the block! At least, I have sth else to fall in love & be happy about given the stupid result of the Finals...
Fret not, i still love & admire Fed for his tennis prowess, but this guy here is just so HOT that u can't possibly ignore him rite! A slight sparkle to ease (only slightly) the pain of the loss of AO.. Makes u wonder why the hell are all the spanish players so HOT (must be the city haha) Look at Feliciano Lopez (his eyes are to die for), or Tommy Robredo (he's hot but still not quite there I feel), David Ferrer is a failure but maybe he was HOT in his younger years, and Nadal is NOT in the list of HOTNESS!
Bio all written ever so clearly above. Tall, dark, handsome, charismatic, chiselled good looks, taut, tanned bod (look at his 8 pecs). What's there NOT to like! Not to mention he plays a mean tennis!! That incredible powerful forehand that got Nadal forced into the corner & baseline, just aiming to defend rather than attack. That precise, angle pointed serve that rendered Nadal almost helpless in trying to break! Man, it was a marathon 5hr 14mins semi-finals that Verdasco should & deserved to win!! But alas, the man machine won the war yet again!
Could not find a bigger picture so just settle for this

Look at the man in action! Great for photo! His expressions are priceless!! Ok, I understand why some of u (u know who u r) say he looks ugly when he plays. That's cos of the scowl he has, the lines along his dimples, that makes him look like he scowls alot when he CONCENTRATEs in his game! But still, wonderful to watch when he plays....
The scowl! Shout for victory!!
So Yummy when he smiles!!
The ferocious forehand!!!
Such a yummy manly pose hahaha
Ok, there has been speculation on how the hell he gets his hair to stay the way it stayed after 5hr14mins of playing hard tennis. Yes, I watched the match & it did remain as spikey as the beginning & as neat as ever throughout the match! WHile on the other hand, Nadal's hair was in a mess & his bandana was sengaik (slanted & out of place). Amazing hair product! And also, there are pple who say he looks like Christiano Ronaldo (or rather it should be the other way round since Ronaldo is younger). But anyway both are HOT!

Of cos, off the court, he is still a YUMMY to watch & enjoy!!!

Casual & Smart!

Promotion photo!

A man in deep concentration exudes the most charisma

Who's this??

That's Fernando in his earlier years! Yes, he had long hair (like all other spanish players) Still looked cute, but he looks so much bter with his current haircut! No wonder alot of pple DO NOT notice him now cos he looks so different in the past & of cos too boyish in the past. Now, alot better!! & he will become a much better player! Current standing at No 9 in the world! Continue as he was playing in AO 2009 and he can easily climb up to Top 5!! Someone to watch out for!!! Not as arrogant as Murray/Djoko, doesnt give up like Djoko, hotter (by a mile) than Nadal, fantastic forehand (losing to Fed of cos), what's there NOT to like =)

Haha, sounds like i'm abit overly ga-ga over this guy, but at least it takes away the pain slightly.. Damn if i were in Melbourne during the week.....

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