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Spill the Secrets Now - Extended, Writer's Cut

Spill the Secrets Now – Extended, Writer’s Cut

Dear blog readers ( I know u are out there), as u MAY have known, there’s this ’25 things about me’ thingy/ thread invading the facebook community now. A lot of FB-ers have jumped onto the bandwagon and started rambling about 25 things of themselves that maybe not everyone knows & would like to share. So as part of the KPO culture, I’ve decided to give this bandwagon a go & started a thread abt myself! Contrary to popular belief, I am a private person (not an open book), so it takes courage for me to divulge 25 things abt myself that I am willing to share!

So why this so called ‘extended, writer’s cut’ edition? As u know, all movies out there, be it blockbuster or not, always have this Director’s cut DvD edition where they put the whole film back together, with all those censored parts, or parts that DID not make the final movie (due to time constraints or whatever). So now, I am doing the exact same thing on this ‘Spill the Secrets Now’. I realised after I’ve written, that 25 things seem insufficient to fully express myself. Maybe I could have written abit more but u noe, they only limit to 25 things! So why not come up with the extended writer’s cut! Where I get to spill more secrets and benefit you readers out there! So before I go on, here’s a recap of what was previously written in FB, word for word (uncut):

Dear readers, FB-ers, friends, colleagues, this is the moment, the one and only time, the most crucial information you all have been waiting for!! After 26 years of existence in this planet earth, I, hereby, declare 25 things/ events/ habits/ traits/ personality/ happenings/ thoughts (u can add on) about ME ME ME!! So, what are you waiting for? Don't read, u lugi (Lose out)!!
1) I'm a Singaporean born in Malaysia, mistaken for a Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Hongkie, etc.. too many times that I start to question myself

2) I've had my 1st puppy crush in Sec 2, and lasted for 2 years (till sec 3) cos he graduated by then. N it was the only crush through my sec sch years. I advocate monogamy hahaha! His name/codename is '魔教‘

3) I hated (or rather disliked) swimming before 19 years old. Now i must swim at least 1hr non-stop whenever I hit the pool.

4) I cannot sit still & be doing nothing at home on weekends or holidays. I must be active & occupied by anything or somethings to keep me moving. Which brings me to the next point...

5) I MAY be an exercise/activity freak! I go to the gym or swim during weekends or holidays when I have no dates, outings or anything to do, just to keep myself active & occupied.

6) Signs that point to me being un-Singaporean - I don't enjoy shopping (only do so when I absolutely need to buy something), i don't go to the cinemas often (refer to the next point for proof)

7) I've only been to the cinema 3 times in 2008 to watch movies, and none in 2009 so far.

8) I DO NOT wear make up to work (ever) or even out for gathering with friends or dinner. U'r fighting between the alarm clock & the bed every morning, where got time & energy to draw ur face! I only put on make up for wedding dinners or DnD.

9) I don't own or buy branded bags or clothes. By branded I mean LV, Loewe, Prada, YSL, Miu Miu & the list goes on. However, recently, I've had my 1st ever Coach wrist bag (birthday gift), which means my 1st ever branded item!!! Hooray!!

10) I've NEVER watched Titanic in full in my life!! I know the story & the 'You jump i jump' line, but I've only watched it bits & pieces on VCD (sub-quality) at home. Sorry i just cldnt force myself to sit there & watch the whole movie. But i've watched LOTR parts 1-3 at least 3 times each on extended DvD edition which translate to a total of at least 36hours.

11) I display my dislikes rather easily on my face. If i do not like you, it shows on my face. I know i should try to control it, but it just shows...

12) I LOVE adventure sports like mountaineering, wakeboarding, diving but I'm not expert. I want to try rock climbing. LIfe it short, LIVE IT!!

13) I LOVE tennis (Federer is the best player, & Verdasco is the HOTTEST PLayer ever!) but i don't know how to play. Who says u can't understand & enjoy tennis without knowing how to pick up the racket & play

14) I'm surprising good in directions, much to the dismay of many guys out there! I'm always in charge of map reading when travelling. I guess it's in my genes as a natural GPS

15) I'm a Youtube fanatic, watching every possible Next Top Model series on youtube whenever it is released! I can spend the whole day just watching the whole series!! Except for breaks to keep myself more active (refer to No. 4). Yes even though i enjoy Youtube, i CANNOT sit & watch whole day & do nth else!

16) I'm Japanese manga/anime fan, especially of Naruto & Bleach! I spent 3 whole days non-stop trying to catch up episodes of Naruto from 1st to 20+ or more. It was the one & only time i did that.

17) I DO NOT like to apply & take leave just to stay at home & do nothing (refer to No 4), which is why...

18) Travelling is the best policy to utilize my leave!! I enjoy the fun & excitement of travelling & have done solo trips twice!

19) I DO NOT experience home sick when i'm away from home on travels for extended period of time. I just soak myself into the outside environment & treat myself at home!

20) I enjoy travelling on budget and backpack. The experience u get is all the more rewarding then with a tour group & being pampered & chased like sheeps.

21) I MAY have an affinity to 'torturing' myself or making myself feel worked out. I DO NOT feel satisfied if i do not perspire or feel extremely worn out after work out at the gym or class or swim. That is why I must always push myself to the limits to make sure I feel the 'worked out' feeling. U must be thinking how crazy or psychotic I am now... Hahah

22) I enjoy taking photos of places I've been, but I DO NOT like to be in the spotlight often. That is why most of my photos (>80%) are of scenery, buildings, other pple, food but not with me in it. Let the place speak for itself!

23) My Feet are Broad, way too broad , which makes buying & wearing court shoes or working shoes a chore cos it is PAINFUL!!

24) I don't find anything wrong with wearing t-shirt & shorts with flip flops to Orchard Road or to University for classes. Why do we have to dress up like we're going party just to walk along Orchard Road or for class? I wear T-shirt & shorts with flip flops most of my time when I was studying in NTU, and I do that when i walk along Orchard Road. Like i'm going to be fined for that.. Human Rights OK!!

25) I reserve the rights to keep some of my inner most secrets to myself. That is why I'm stopping at No. 25 (ok, this post calls for 25 only). Still i had to wreak my brains damn hard to squeeze out 25 things I deem OK & not too scandalous to be shared to you out there.

Ok, so those were the 25 things I mentioned. And here to continue on..Let’s see how much I’m willing to spill:

26) I am a water tank. Yes, I drink A LOT of water in a single day to keep myself hydrated.

27) I am shy by nature. Period.

28) I have a shopping mentality like men. I go in with a mission & stick to the mission. If mission fails, abort, ignore all other distractions & walk out. Simple. No complications.

29) I’ve been a pescetarianism (defined as vegetarian with the inclusion of fish) for 6 years now, a result of devotion to yoga. However, I am still not an expert in yoga. But I wldnt be repulsed at eating with a carnivour. Yes, so it’s ok if u eat meat with me, I’ll just stick to my own food J & I’m ok with eating veges beside meat.

30) I drink a cup of saltwater & fresh lemon juice every morning as part of my routine. It has a cleansing effect

31) I spend 15mins every morning, without fail, doing stretching exercises, sit-ups, yoga poses & headstand. Gets me going every morning!

32) I’m also known as Miss Banana. Those in EY who’ve worked with me b4 should be clear on this. I LOVE bananas and have 1 every morning for breakfast and another in the afternoon or at night. Unless circumstances forbid, my choice is always banana!

33) I do dream of striking ToTo but I’ve only bought ToTo once in my entire life. Not to mention 4D, only bought once & I have no knowledge of exactly how to buy 4D.

34) I love to bake, & I bake fantastic chocolate chip cookies (certified, approved by many).

35) I LOVE yogurt! I mean REAL yogurt! Thick yogurt with certain amt of consistency. Not those watered down, tasteless (case in point – China) ones. Favourite brand: Marigold & Yoplait. Proven to taste good. Meiji or Nestle sucks!

36) I prefer dark chocolate to any types of other chocolates, cos it’s abit bitter and not too sweet. However, I do not like chocolate flavoured food products like chocolate cakes, chocolate sweets, chocolate biscuits, tiramisu etc. Chocolate milk I can accept.

37) I DO NOT drink/like plain milk. By plain milk I mean all sorts of milk type (be it fresh, pasturized, goat’s, cow’s etc), as long as it is not flavoured, I don’t take. Hate the taste of it. I only take chocolate flavoured milk if I must. Strawberry or banana flavoured don’t even come close!

38) I LOVE preservered dried fruits, especially those sour ones! I’m not pregnant. I just like sour things J Plus, I don’t find them that sour either!

39) I LOVE chilli! I can’t imagine eating without chilli! I especially love chilli padi cos they’r small but fiery! I Always ask for chilli when eating. 无辣不欢

40) I prefer heat to coldness. I’m a sun, beach n sand kinda person! I Hate being cold!! But I have a surprisingly high (or relatively high) tolerance for cold weather despite my hatred for it.

41) Due to my dislike of cold weather, I always choose to go places during seasons of warmth. Means I wouldn't want to choose to go china, US or Europe during winter time. U’ll be too cold/worried abt the cold to fully enjoy the place.

42) I ADORE dangling earrings! I have a full rack (big rack) of dangling earrings all bought cheaply from Bangkok or Singapore. All cheap, none of those costing >$3 each. Even though I love earrings, I still wldnt spend $$ to buy them, so I only buy those cheap ones! But though they’re cheap, they look beautiful! & I don’t wear studs cos I always (n I mean ALWAYS) lose the stud.

43) I hardly (or even nvr really) wear any other accessories (except for earrings). No bangles, no necklaces etc. Too troublesome to wear them then take off. Earrings are enuff to accessorize myself J

44) I don’t drink coffee, or English tea. I only take Chinese tea (except the red ones) and green tea!

45) I LOVE mushrooms!! All sorts of mushrooms!! Especially enoki mushrooms! Steamed enoki mushroom yum yum!

46) I’m surprisingly bad in games involving big balls like bowling (always into the drain), basketball, soccer etc. Netball I’m ok but not especially good. Come to think of it, other than badminton, I don’t really know how to play games involving balls!

47) I find cutting hair a very exciting & interesting process! I love getting my hair cut & will get really excited abt it prior to the appointment! & I love to get it cut short short short so that I can live with it for 4-5mths b4 the next haircut!

48) I like to talk philosophy & life & giving my own (maybe cynical) views. Not an expert, just like to talk.

49) I’m a nuts person, especially love cashew nuts. If I’m anywhere near nuts, I can actually eat non-stop till I’m full! Dangerous, so I have to always control myself

50) I once devoured >1/4 of a big cheesecake (baked by myself). Oreo cheesecake. & later flushed it all out into the toilet bowl! Damn sinful man but I cldnt stop myself! Sucker for cheesecake, luckily my natural cleansing system was alert & flushed it out.

51) I don’t eat fastfood (BK, KFC, Mac). & I haven really had fast food meals for maybe 4-5years. Yes, occasionally I’ll get whipped potato or coleslaw but not a fast food meal. Once had BK (burger with onion rings) 1yr ago & resulted in indigestion followed by diarrhea.

52) Kids nowadays are too damn spoilt!! Cannot be scolded by teachers or punished by teachers. Parents play a BIG part in this area cos they complain if their kids are touched even if the kids were in the wrong! I believe in canes. I feel that kids need to be 'educated' and 'taught' how to behave! Sometimes, physical contact is a necessary evil when it comes to teaching kids. I mean what i say. If i have kids, I'm going to be strict in that manner. Have to teach them how to behave.

53) I'm NOT an advocate of big lavish wedding dinners when >70% of invited guests are strangers to u. Why waste the $, resources, time, effort for such event just for the sake of showing to pple u'r getting married? If it were up to me, i would rather have it simple. Just a garden party inviting all close friends & close relatives to celebrate the joyous event! Afterall, marriage is between the 2 families and the couple. Of cos, sometimes wedding dinners are inevitable cos of the 'face' matter..

Phew! I managed to more than double the original 25 things! Dear pple, I have really wreaked/cracked/dug deep into my brains to come up with these secrets (or maybe not so secret secrets). Hope u enjoy! Leave comments if u like (I welcome all sorts of comments).

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