Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weirdest Outfit worn to the Gym

It’s bloody interesting to see & witness what pple actually wear to the gym for workout. What the weirdest outfit u’ve seen? My list can go on and on and on to fill 1 chapter of a book! Sometimes I wonder: Do they know that they’re attracting unwanted attention to their unique dress sense? Or they just think it’s perfectly find to dress this way? Just countdown, or rather list down, the weirdest outfit worn to the gym, as witnessed by me both abroad & locally.

1. I’m always amazed by the dress sense of the Indians. Sorry don’t mean to sound racist but the way they dress for the gym, really worth a mention. One fine afternoon (this was at cali), I was happily doing my crunches in the bid to achieve perfect toned abs, when I heard a ‘shhssing’ sound repeatedly coming from an Indian beside me, who was doing crunches as well. Irritated by the distraction, I spied on him to try to discover the origin of the sound but was still puzzled. T-shirt & shorts do not make such sound. After he moved away to another abs machine, I heard the same sound coming from him again as he was scratching himself in the body. That’s when I saw it. PLASTIC!!! That man was wearing PLASTIC underneath his shirt!! Plastic!!! I mean WHAT THE HELL?? Why do u wear plastic underneath? He’s wrapped himself in plastic!!! Is he trying the home-made wrap? Argh PLASTIC!!!!

2. Back to Indians again (once again sorry). I have seen Indians going to the hotel gym, in their PJs. Yes, PJs, no mistake abt it. R they trying to sleepwalk through the workout? They even come in Jeans & sandals/slippers/worn out shoes… How amazing is that!!

3. Ok I think u really see A LOT of amazing outfits when u’r overseas in the hotel gym. These pple, I seriously think they have no idea what is a gym! I think they just go to the gym for the sake of gg & exploring or to appear healthy. Especially so for the china pple. Men & women all the same. I’ve seen a lady who wore jeans (with long john underneath) & 2 layers of top (long john & sweater) all long-sleeved. Yes sweater to the gym & 2 layers of outfit!! I mean, do u noe u’r gg to workout in the gym? What the heck r u doing with 2 layers of super thick clothing? & she’s not alone! I’ve seen several wearing sweater & long thick pants. I know it’s sorta cold outside now (Feb in Shanghai is abit chilly) but u’r indoors, in a gym!! Seriously, they’re not serious abt working out in gym. Cos they juz walk ard the gym, walk on the treadmill (for show) for like 10min or cycle for show.

4. I’m sorry guys but I seriously am disgusted & opposed to the notion of men wearing tights! Or spandex. Or just about anything that clings & sticks to the body, which magnifies the shape of ur body (& the organs within). It is abit distracting & unsightly (I’m sure a lot of guys out there agree with me) to parade your assets to the whole world while u’r working out. Unless u’r in a cycling class & u have NO CHOICE but to wear those cycling pants, please refrain from wearing tights or spandex!!! I’ve seen this guy who wears tights & spandex & the headband & totally looks like he’s from the 70s, when dancing fever swept across the world thanks to the movie & made leggings, tights the “IT” wear for gym. Please grow up!

5. For ladies, well let’s just say A LOT of them treat the gym as a fashion house. I think some if not a lot of ladies come to the gym to parade their outfit more than to seriously work out. I’ve seen one particular lady who LOVES to wear rather provocative & revealing ‘gym’ wear that exposes almost all of her body part. Ok, she’s those SKINNY type so no unsightly flabs (that would be even more disgusting). But she had on a skimpy bra top & skimpy hot pants, just covering the essential parts. & She has her long flowing hair let down (I bet she’s not doing serious work out) & make up on. Ok maybe she only has that outfit for exercise. Ok I’m not opposed to looking good in gym but come on!! U’r in the gym, u’r meant to work up a sweat. Make up?? Yes, I understand that it may be water proof make up, but still… Hallo?? Let's just say i've seen LOTS of such examples in Cali gym. Skimpy tight tight top with skimpy tight tight hot pants.... Call me old fashion but i do not want to subject myself to such fashion statement

6. Panda outfit, gongfu outfit, clown outfit. These r just some of the outfits worn by THIS PARTICULAR weird crazy guy who goes to combat at specified time & day. Yes, it’s like the clown of the class. Always has weird outfit to ‘compliment’ his workout. I wonder what’s his aim in this regard.

I think we should learn to respect the gym as a public place for work out. Throw your funny outfits at home or leave for costume parties. If u’r not serious about working out, don't come & deprive another person of that cardio machine or weight station. Don't get me started on pool etiquette.....

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Derold Ee said...

A split from your Point 4: People who goes to gym wearing really loose clothings! Some wear singlets until might as well don't wear cos the holes are so big it covers nothing! (apart from their belly buttons) Apparently some don't even wear underwears! The gyms sometimes seems like a nudist community. haiz... please leave that in the changing room.