Sunday, January 02, 2011

Choice of English Name??

I'm back! Been gone for the longest time yet - 7 weeks and now i'm back, leaner meaner & tired haha But Happy! I'll have to blog abt my travels when I find the time to sit down and formulate the words and where to start!! Summary - Shopped a fair bit in US, flight got delayed, got stuck in train station and spent some great time in Paris counting down to the New Year! And the end result - I lost 3kg during my travels! Woohoo! It's always nice to lose weight..But it'll come back soon....Stay tuned for more

Anyway, after more than 1/4 century of my live, i've come to a point where I think I may need to have an English name! Yes, it didnt seem necessary during my school days, no trouble calling my name then, no trouble during EY days. But seems like as the world gets more connected and international, chinese name is not the easiest to pronounce and remember!

Person A: What's your name?
Me: Dian Shan
Person A: Sorry??
Me: Dian Shan
Person A: Can I call you Dian?
Me: Eh no, it's Dian Shan
Person A: Ok, it's not easy to remember. I'll try
Few minutes later..
Person A: Hey Dian.....
Me: *....*

I've sorta given up trying to give my full name, and sometimes just resign to hearing them call me Dian. Damn I hate the sound of that! So mayb it's time to pull out the name I once had thought of calling myself during school days...And some other choices I've been thinking of:

Calene - This was the name I thought of calling myself back in my secondary school days. Haha, no idea why but just liked the sound of it then, but it didnt really take off and I dono why...

Shannon - I think i am a Shannon. It fits me! And it's made up of part of my name!

Shantelle - With S instead of C. Again another play on my name. Shantelle, do I sound like a Shantelle? Maybe

Shann - Easiest ever to think of.

Shanne - Double 'N' gives it a more feminine feel...I hope...

Shyan - I like the sound of it...

I'll NEVER accept Dian. Actually I don't like that name. Even Diane, don't realli like the sound of it. I'm not gg to be a Dian-e.

So any suggestions?? MAybe I should put up a poll hahahha


Angeline said...

Haha! Really funny! Didn't expect this thing has been bugging your for quite a while but can imagine it's quite irritating during travels. Seems like you are thinking along the line of SHA...

So here's some other suggestions:
1) Sharlene
2) Sharmaine
3) Sharene (quite like this).

Yup! Do a poll! Coz it'll be others who will have to call ya by that name.

Looking forward to the next entry =)

DShan said...

Wow i can't believe you're my avid follower! I love it when pple leave comments

hoeshin said...

I think you should just stick with Dian Shan. The ang moh should be the one learning it. They should learn to respect our name and not changing our name just because of their in-ability to remember and learned?? What say you?!

DShan said...

Haha well said Hoeshin! But hor, I've actually been toying with the idea since a long time ago, just that I'm so good at procrastinating that I keep putting it off!

DShan said...