Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year New Life New Hopes...

Well 2011 has come, believe or not, and it's time to start a new life in the new year. And as what most pple will ask - What's your new year resolution? Ok remember I blogged about this 2 yrs back, finally getting down to setting resolutions, but I now firmly believe that I should stop doing that! I never really monitor the status of my resolution or go back and reflect upon them! I prefer 'Go With The Flow', whatever comes comes! It doesnt mean that you achieve nothing if you don't do any of your resolution cos you may just be fulfilling some other interesting ideas!

However, since I've set some resolutions for 2010, I should follow up on them. Afterall, I'm an auditor and I write pple up for not following up on the status and comparing actual against budget/forecast!

So a reflection, refer to the 2009 post 2010 Resolutions

1 - My knee has somehow feel better now, although it'll never really fully recover cos my knee caps are slightly misaligned due to my flat feet. However, with the right shoes, strengthening of quad muscles and knowing when NOT to push myself too hard, I'll live with it!

2 - Still no Mt KK. You know all this kinda depns on Timing, People, Environment, and a whole lot more! But, no Mt KK, i can always conquer other things!

3 - Tennis haha my passion. Not an expert but i'm getting there. In fact, due to my injury (i sprained my ankle) i was out of the sport for as long as 5mths! But i'm back into it! Hey, I don't really have to excel in it, just enjoy playing it is good enough for me!

4 - Oh yes, I've completed Sword of the Truth series of books, and now I'm onto the final 3 laps of teh 12-part book series Wheel of Time. So yes, i've been reading ALOT in 2010!!

And yes, on other things, health and fitness is getting there.. I've mastered freestyle swimming all thanks to YOUTUBE!! And that was something not in my resolution but i've always envied pple who can swim that!

I've had a really really busy year, assignment after assignment, back to back, non-stop working. It was really tiring and stressful at times, but what can you do? Just breathe hard, and suck it up! You've gota do what you've gota do right? Give your best and finish your job! I feel that I've far exceeded what was expected of me in 2010, and now I'll have to see where it brings me to, and what my future will be. Nothing is for certain, you make your own destiny and fate. People around you may be promising many things, but nothing is for certain. Things are not what it seemed or promised almost all the time. You have to make your own future happen!

What will my future be? Nothing is firm at this moment in time, opportunities come and go, just gota grab it when it presents itself. Who knows what will happen or what I will do.. Maybe i'll jet off somewhere in 2011 to explore new territories or new adventure, maybe i'll pick up the books again (altho i'm quite positive I'm not study material at this moment), or maybe i'll just get hitched and start a family in a snap! Ha! If you believe the last statement, then you better think twice...

Who knows.....

One thing for sure, I shall start bloggin abt my year end trip. Yes that can be 1 resolution for 2011 that I'll be able to keep, altho it will take time to make it happen

Hmm, I shall have to be less accident/incident prone in 2011. I hate being injured.....

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