Monday, January 24, 2011

Diagnosis of my persistently swollen 3rd Toe (Right foot)

Finally after 2 months of agonishly less pain but nagging feeling, i got an X-ray to find out what the HELL is wrong with my toe - I have a recovering Fracture!!!!! Small one, but still a fracture!!!!!

If you remember, I mentioned my swollen toe in my earlier blogs of travelling in US and Paris where I travelled and walked for hours since Dec 2010 with a swollen toe, the result after a run on the treadmill one fine night in Charlotte hotel. So u can fracture your toe while running! And I didnt even run like a cheetah or hit a wall!

I had put off seeing a doc during my travels, thinking that it might just be a normal sprain. But it didnt wear off after 1mth, so I went to see a doc the day I returned. And what a gondo doc I saw! He didnt seem v professional, and he was tardy looking, and looked like he didnt sleep the night b4. So he was quite sloppy and shoddy in his diagnosis:

Me: So what is wrong?
Doc: Oh you probably just sprained a ligament or sth. Your toe is not made of many important structure, so it's not serious.
Me: Oh (abit unconvinced). So how long will it remain swollen?
Doc: Oh this kind is either a few days or a few months. Since yours already 1mth, so I guess it's not the 1st case. So it'll be a few mths
Me: *thinking - duh! i also know this myself!!!!!!!!!*
Doc: Hmm, since you so concerned, I give you some medicine la!
Me: Ok, so should I come back if still swollen?
Doc: Hm, you can if you want to, but no need la. Maybe I give you more dosage so you don't have to come back so soon.
Me: Ok.....

Thanks Doc! I also know!! I self medicated myself before seeing you!!! U knw they have been complaining abt the standard of medical care in US, i think sometimes, the docs need to improve their service in Singapore also. I've met a couple of docs who are just as nonchalant as this one, esp those who work for group medical care centres, like they're just counting down to the number of patients they have...

But anyway, I took the medicine (pain killer and anti swelling) and refrained from excessive exercise. But seems like still swollen and abit pain. So I decided to consult another doc, my usual doc near my coy. Turned out my fav doc was not ard, so an ah pek doc saw me and recommended xray. I was shocked but he said better to xray to find out the cause. So i went for it. And tada! Recovering fracture. Thankfully it's recovering! But it's scary that I have a fracture! And I walked miles and miles and hours and hours with it!!! Haven received the actual Xray film yet, but the report was out, so now waiting to see how the fracture actually looks like to classify as 'Recovering'.

Feel abit less worried now that I know what's wrong, but damn sad that it's really a fracture!!! Now gota rest a few more mths for it to fully recover....

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