Friday, January 12, 2007

Peak is HERE!!!

Damn sian...Typed my blog and was preparing to publish it when i accidentally deleted it when i was tryin to format the alignment..what luck! Now i have to retype what i wrote..waste my time n brain power.
Anyway peak is here and i hate it!! 1st time going thr peak as a senior and it is DIFFERENT!! As a senior, means u hv to deal with alot of admin stuff and wrk-related things. Plan audit, conclude findings, issues, deal with managers, partners, draft accounts, close accounts, make sure everything is tidy and proper b4 sign many admin things to do and stupid forms to fill... damn sian. As assistant, still can act blur, do only what u'r asked to do. As senior, u'r s'posed to know it all, ans assts' questions, help them clear points...Esp hate it when u have new managers or new developments during the year. Means = more work!!! New managers = more questions, more detailed reviewing. Not to mention stupid standards that r ever-changing. B4 u grasp the meaning of it, they review n revise, no training means u just HAVE TO KNOW!!!
PPle say i'm lucky which i'm not denying cos some pple hv it worse (super late nights, super shitty jobs, super bad everything) but i'm just tired. Maybe i'm just stupid, cannot grasp the meaning of the work or issues that will arise from a situation, or maybe i just choose to ignore! Like what my client told me, I'm alws floating ard. Ha, cos no matter what, in audit and aabs (my dept), u'r not rewarded for out-performing. Promotion is still the standard annual promotion, annual increment and bonus is not that fantastic. So work so hard for what?? Top band? Only 50-100 difference in basic pay. Work 24 hrs a day 365 days a year for that minuscule increment? Crazy!!!
This job i'm doing, s'posed to be good but major changes has happend this year. New manager (super good manager returing back to homeland), partially new team (alot of team members quit). So damn terrible. New requirements, more stringent review and checks and stupid aws which is used to store all our workpapers (yes we'r gg paperless).
So what does this mean? Time to get out of audit. Auditor = no life. Very true. Cos u wrk everyday!! Even wkends at times. N we don get paid that much for that kinda sad working life. Life is not fair. Yes we'r getting an increment across board, but who knows. Maybe their rationale is More money= work harder!! I shall actively start my job hunting soon.. Can i 'dong' till S2 (July)?? Nothing is for certain...
Ok, i shall be careful in doing my alignment...Don wana type the whole thing again... Tomorrow gota work and it's a sat and cos of that, i cnt go KTV (yes, suddenly i'm gg to ktv so often). I would rather sleep or wrk at home...

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