Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hot Topics recently reported in the papers
1) Youngsters blasting music loudly on public transport
2) PDA (Public Display of Affection) on overdose
Coincidentally, I encountered both onboard the bus to JP on Sunday night. DAMN IRRITATING!!!! On topic 1 Blasting music loudly for what?!?!?!?! Haven they heard of earphones or headphones??? This young teenage couple was sitting behind me on the bus n they just played music from their HP. Kaoz. What the heck!! I don’t want to be listening to Jewel with Britney Spears singing ‘sexy’ in the background ok. We all want our own peace and quiet, to enjoy the songs they want to be listening to. So please keep ur music to urself ok. Sometimes u just wonder – Are they deaf!!! How can they blast music so loud? No wonder they have no idea, cos they are DEAF!!!
On topic 2 People will start saying, hey does that mean we can’t even hold hands?? Ok please do not over-react. I mean PDA on overdose ok. We do not want everyone to be strangers now. Holding hands – ok, kissing – ok (as long as u do not do it overboard, u get what I mean), occasional huggings – ok. Just not PDA on overdose. Recently there is a case of a couple doing it on a bus, and being caught on tape by someone. Who is more perverted? Obviously the person who shoots the act is!!! Come on, why do u want to shoot such an act? It’s porn!!! If u’r not comfy with it, report. What do u expect to get from shooting such an act? U’r effectively shooting porn!!! I would call what the couple did as disgusting act! It does not even qualify as perverted act!! It is just pure disgusting. I mean – Get a room!!! It is public place, public transport, people do not need such entertainment (tho a bus ride can be boring at times). Public display of ur private parts r just so not it man! Eeks!!! I mean u want to do sth, do it in private. Public is just not the right way to go ok. Don’t know what these people are thinking sometimes. I just don’t like it when people do really too intimate things in public, in full view of everyone else. I don’t need that kind of entertainment.
Read – It’s too intimate things that I disagree. So don’t go walking 3 feet away from ur partner or behave like complete strangers.

Ok, to clarify I did not witness such lewd act and the couple DID not do such a thing.

They only did some too intimate stuff. The guy was lying on the gal’s breasts!!! Not just for a while, but for a long, long while!!! And he was asking if she was comfortable. Eeks. Just cannot stand it..and they were talking ever so loudly!!! Eeks… Please go somewhere else lar… I don’t like that..

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